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3 d overview of false eyelash and function

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Why use false eyelashes dear friends at ordinary times do you have a 3 d look carefully, the eyelash of the people not to grow at the same level of oh, eyelash is hierarchical three-dimensional growth of real people well, they will revolve around my eyelids points 2 - 4 layer growth oh, such not only can carry on the hierarchical multiple protect eyes shine, but also good got-up effect eyes shine! Ordinary false eyelash because technology and artificial cost reasons, only a simple layer. 3 d using the 3 level false eyelash handmade! 3 d super soft type stereo (false eyelash Dark brown) 3 d multilayer stereo effect, supernatural super realistic, just like natural, to achieve the effect of grafting cultivation eyelash. This 9 mm long eyelashes eyes, eye end 7 mm long, eye head length 5 mm makeup is suitable for daily life, work, school, photo, friends, visiting relatives and friends, and so on 3 d soft type stereo http://hongjidingli false eyelash. b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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