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A: eyelash is how long?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
Eyelash short and even become the heart of beautiful mm, I'm afraid, and nowadays the most popular eyelash grafting was admired by women. If you also want to try, we provides you with a full range of feelings experience. Popular grafting eyelash is how do? Grafting will encounter what kind of problem? After what kind of feeling? How can let you of the new 'eyelash' more permanently reside? Low grafting eyelash after intravenous drip comments (1) grafting eyelash can maintain how long? General beauty salon beautician will tell you that can last for 3 months, but it is the most ideal situation, actually can only maintain a month or so commonly, but generally beauty salon will provide repair service, you'd better inquire first in choosing a beauty salon. (2) when grafting eyelashes have a bad feeling? Little, but can be a bit urticant, but just a little. Good you need to do is close your eyes will be enough. (3) how long do you usually need to time to meet? About 30 - 45 minutes. Done, pay attention to what? Pick up eyelash on the same day, don't make up, taking the eyelash after three hours, don't wash eyes with water. And in the days that followed, when washing a face every day, be careful not to hard to 'take care' of this place. (4) grafting eyelash about need how many money? This should see beauty salons technology and materials used to set the general between 300 ~ 500. Equipment agents battalion, low grafting eyelash eyelash comb: this tool for total mascara should not strange, thin film: before meet eyelash, first film posted in the eye socket, so as not to affect the eyelash eyelash, grafting: fiber is best, false eyelash eyelash: cut cut grafting with good eyelash eyelash to clip, make them look more natural, xanthan gum, although any glue for skin damage, but the xanthan gum is a relatively safe, and can keep longer time tweezers: need to post the eyelash root with tweezers in the eyelashes stepbystep lie down, there will be a lamp ( Rest assured, the light is downy) Beautician like in your face, you can see your eyelash more clearly. Will film the part of the stick in the eye socket, prevent when grafting eyelash, top and bottom eye lashes will stick together. Next, use glue and stick eyelash tweezers their land. In order to let the glue dry quickly, need to use the rubber absorbers, dry to blow. Finally use eyelash and eyelash comb to break. Accer ding, trade co. , LTD was established in September 2012, false eyelash is a professional manufacturer of eyelashes, is classics outside shandong province economic and trade commission approved the establishment of r&d and marketing beauty eyelashes, specializing in the production, high-grade, false eyelash eyelash glue enterprises. Located in the beautiful and rich coastal city -- - — Here, convenient transportation, 309206 national road, with three high-speed, etc. , the national second dagang port, liuting airport.
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