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A little knowledge of conduct financial transactions

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
A, financial management goal: different economic conditions determines different financial goals. No Qian Licai purpose is to make you can save some money for a rainy day. Moonlight clan, can save 200 to 500 yuan. A trip to you then can go out or change a mobile phone. 1000 yuan, financial management is also very simple, the purpose of accumulating to consume. Can accumulate a used car or cheap car of 10000 yuan, save investment. Or monetary fund. Can consider to invest in 100000 or 1 million. Or monetary fund. The Chinese is particularly keen to real estate. So think about the direction of financial management and the target is the first step in the financial, money accumulation is not digital accumulated more many more good but do what you want to do. Second, investment, simple classification of each financing way has its characteristics, so there is no the best way to finance, but said the best financing combination: such as insurance, investment income is not high. But have the effect of spreading risk. Part of the money on insurance is reasonable. Especially the family finance long-term investment way. 3, bank deposit: we often use the accumulation of money before, for people with less accumulation of money every month. Monetary fund: now popular Internet management methods, high yield and timely access to two advantages. Four, investment: when money accumulated to a certain degree, people tend to focus on and all the investment in fixed assets, such as the purchase of real estate. This investment is involved. Five, reasonable: financial management's aim is to make life better so according to their own ability to resist risk, choose different investment risk. Itself overhead is very compact, the nature is saving a points is a choice of the mode of investment. Timely and convenient use, bank deposits and. When the assets can be summarized into more wealth, so when the assets can be proliferation. So this time most people will choose a higher investment rate of return. Sixth, a variety of combinations of spreading risk. Financial management way is usually a variety of combination of reasonable collocation as side dishes. This reduces the degree of risk.
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