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About the false eyelash, most girls are wrong!

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Through the baptism of the various related tutorials and information false eyelash, believe that everyone in the false eyelash knowledge reserves have very big progress, today everyone to clean a few little knowledge about false eyelash: 1, false eyelash eyelash hair was tied on the roots of a stem, the stem is generally divided into three kinds of material: transparent, cotton stalks, plastic terrier. 2, transparent transparent terrier more like that kind of material, the line contact degree is also good, their support is good also, the painting light make-up, pseudo first choice the material of stem without makeup, is suitable for most people. 3, cotton stalk, cotton stalk is the most soft and most comfortable in three kinds of material, worn presence is the lowest. But when wearing this kind of false eyelash must draw black eyeliner, or it will look unnatural oh ~ 4, plastic plastic terrier is these three most black and hard texture, comfort is the lowest. But this kind of material is most suitable for eyelid fat more, need to rely on launch out false eyelash double-fold eyelid's sister. Hair false eyelash eyelash hair is roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is natural hair and synthetic fiber, we at ordinary times the most common is the artificial fiber, the performance-to-price ratio is higher. 1, natural hair natural hair false eyelash only plastic terrier, advantage is lifelike, soft hair ~ shortcomings, in addition to you is really easy to glue and makeup water MAO destroyed, basic can't use again. 2, man-made fibre this kind of material is our most common false eyelashes, benefits, obviously, is not afraid of repeated discharge makeup, reusable. Weakness is the material of the part is not good hair easily glance, especially false. Classification of false eyelash paragraphs 1, natural this natural is said to be the most practical, the most common length, radian is like real eyelashes. Can choose the whole article, also can cut section to stick, used to strengthen local effect, belonging to the foundation. 2, long can be quite boring when each day is a light make-up, accidentally to point is not the same feeling also is very be necessary. Like Japanese makeup look that big eyes, sparkly doll eyes will choose this long eyelashes. Can help us enlarge eyes, round is very cute. This mascara, really good, relatively long nature, so he didn't let me down. Brush special roll become warped eyelash, also won't lump, spikes, have the effect of direct growth, eyes also become big ha ha ha, waterproof is very good also. 3, eye end long if you're not taking lovely line, royal elder sister wind want to go, and because of short round eyes, always let people think you are a child. No problem, eye end with long eyelashes can help you to resolve this problem, a minute long eye type, royal elder sister gas dye-in-the-wood. The mascara brush micro become warped, has radian, brush fluctuation eyelash is very comfortable to use, and not make it into the fly legs, after besmear is very natural, eyelash long really change, and also not dizzy catch, too surprise. Stick tool 1, false eyelash eyelash glue here I suggest you'd better not buy glue casually, also do not use with false eyelash glue, after all, is the direct contact with eyes, components must be safe. Does at any time are likely to glue and the result is bad, then half of the false eyelash all fly to the sky, the scene is not HOLD you. Here I recommend a eyelash glue to you for your reference, the eyelash glue is glue DUO. Recently this period of time, back and forth to test a lot of money. And the price is reasonable, only the most to my heart and good with, viscous, safety and durability are the best! 2, most started on false eyelash tweezers I mostly use of is a hand, but our fingers is too coarse, completely bad master. Then I'll use the flat tweezers, but the opening was too narrow, always grasp the bad strength and Angle. Eventually discovered actually false eyelashes and special eyelash clip this stuff, tweezers is completely fit the radian of false eyelash, so to use energy very much. Stick length of step 1, false eyelash clip clip this step must not be less, don't be naive thought to buy fake eyelashes as long as your eyes, even like ice ice that large darling cut himself in the eyes ~ just strokes, and then losing excess length, remember to cut symmetrical around! 2, coating glue, glue it looks be like simple, but in two steps: 1. Hands will hold on both ends of the false eyelash, gently break its radian, so that more joint the radian of eyes. 2. Then, right amount daub glue evenly into the false eyelash root, be careful not to apply in upper part, that post eyelash natural enough. 3 eyes, this is the most critical, we cooperate with will clear a lot of pictures. 1. Use tweezers to pick up (false eyelash Recommend the middle) , lightly on the root ministry of eyelash really. 2. Use false eyelash tweezers gently pressure, put in the middle period of fixed. 3. Middle OK after the eye head, eye end light pressure to break, also pay attention to oh ~ don't have a gap between the above is true and false eyelash novice pure knowledge & amp; false eyelash Very literacy skills ~ remember, slowly practice, will learn the dalai! That see you next time!
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