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Accer ding teach you step 6 transient big eye

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
False eyelash: eye small eyebrow in the United States don't worry, as long as the master eye makeup makeup skills, you can easily make you beautiful big eye eyebrow in the United States. So how to make up eyes big? Eyeliner and mascara is drawing large priority, the following will come together to learn eyeliner and fake eyelashes together to battle dressing method, developed charming eyes. Simple beauty makeup instantly become big eye how to make eyes more spirits, let your eyes become larger, as long as learn eye makeup techniques can all done, eyeliner and mascara is the focus of the eye makeup, as long as handle eyeliner and mascara, so magic eye doll is only you, the following will teach you how to draw the big eye makeup. STEP 1: eyeliner fill the gaps between the eyelash carefully open the lid with eyeliner carefully fill the gaps between the eyelash, deepen the eye contour, more let an eye look bigger. STEP 2: clip eyelash clip eyelash of three points higher, respectively from the root to central, to cilia Mao Shao clip out lovely radian. Central central vertical upward STEP 3: eyelash brush the eyelash mascara when vertical upward, brush the inside and outside canthus place to adjust Angle according to the shape of the eye, and then use the Z word brush method, can make appear the dense and clear eyelash. STEP 4: short thin mm on false eyelash eyelash mascara alone it is difficult to brush out long barbie eyelashes, false eyelashes come in handy at this time, in parallel with the center of the false eyelash clip with good glue, glue, such as dry when you can begin to paste, paste, false eyelash fixed central first, and then paste on both ends. STEP 5: adjust the radian of eyelash before the glue dried by hand or clip slightly adjust the radian is the key of eyelash, too look down or up absolute NG, the radian of nature can make the solution from a trace. STEP 6: mascara brush next eyelash more want eyes straight, part of the next eyelash is absolutely can't be ignored, pull the straight mascara brush can easily under thick eyelashes, in order to avoid painting when the next eyelash will lower eyelid, can take a blank sheet of paper will be redundant eyelash to cream to go to OK. Then through the eyeliner and the processing of eyelash, can grasp the big eye makeup painting skills, must learn oh. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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