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All false eyelashes, no one can tell

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Star all love false eyelashes, false eyelashes can make large eyes, god, positive, side is very beautiful! But! In daily life with the false eyelash is not appear natural, there is a bigger one too, especially, some people love to stick the dense eyelash, looking nearly is really scary monster! Good thick eyelashes, but as a daily makeup or natural effect is better, how to stick a false eyelash can more natural, don't let other people see out? Today, we'll use a small cluster of false eyelashes create natural, charming big eyes! Tools: 8 mm natural false eyelashes, black eyeliner, mascara, eyelash glue, tweezers. Part if it is a single-edged eyelid, eyelash can pressure under the eyelids, 8 mm length may not long enough, you can choose a long false eyelashes! Step one step: basic eye makeup + mascara finish into the eye makeup and mascara brush it. Some people might think, anyway, to stick without false eyelash brush mascara. Actually on such a small cluster of false eyelash, post position is very important, if the first brush good eyelash creams, can see clearly which part need to be posted, so be sure to first brush good mascara. Step 2: after touching eyelash glue to use tweezers clip eyelash, the eyelash root to touch a little eyelash glue, it is good to note with only a little in the roots, and then wait for a few seconds to let the glue dry. Step 3: find false eyelash to posts vacant part of false eyelash. Then eyelid slightly raised with the hand, looking for a good opening part with false eyelash. Then in other vacant part also use the same method as the false eyelash, adjust Angle with forceps. This is mended eyelash space effect. Mend him only after confirm the effect, if feel satisfied so far, if could feel where is not enough for you again. We are in the middle and tail stick a few root again with the same method. Done! Often him only confirm the effect when the false eyelash, check the location of the stick, Angle, and whether there is a gap, so often confirm don't have to be revised after finishing. Step 4: after good false eyelash brush mascara brush again mascara. Because before has good clip eyelash brush on the mascara, so don't need to clip eyelash, this time it is easy to damage the rubber before eyelash oh. Use mascara brush began from the eyelash root, brush up eyelash effect will be better. Brush and set the type with the hand, this will more roll become warped eyelash. Step 5: draw look line by hand after the lid slightly raised, fill the eyelashes with black eyeliner and mucous membrane. Done! Look at the process of eyelash from scratch! Don't post false eyelash eyelash only false eyelash line within + + is a natural mascara? It almost can not see posted false eyelashes! This kind of method on false eyelash is very suitable for naked makeup and daily makeup, try!
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