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All sorts of questions about grafting eyelash, again to you say understand

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Although grafting eyelash can save time of eye makeup, also will keep dream and be praised eyes, but in the mind will inevitably puzzled: frequent will hurt really the kind of eyelash eyelash? After taking the eyelash also can draw the eye makeup? Whether can use discharge makeup product? All these questions about the grafting eyelash, today. Q1: how to find suits own eyelash? First pick fault type, then select length with different degree of eyelash, can make eye presents different effect, the eyelash front better reference collection, pick your favorite model, the solution from teacher again for further communication. If have the habit of wearing glasses on weekdays, want to consider the length of the eyelashes and roll degree, lest the card to the lens. Q2: will hurt really eyelashes? A true a false eyelash eyelash only, not 'overweight' is OK. Answer the eyelash of the most important principle is: a really pick a false eyelash eyelash only. So you don't really caused by the excessive eyelash fracture, meet when have no direct stick in the eyelash root, about 0. 5 mm distance does not stimulate hair follicles, cause sensitive or obstruct eyelash growth. Q3: after how long? A month or so to fill again. Eyelash is glued on the true eyelash, so with the eyelash growth cycle ( About two months) And fall off, every 3 ~ 4 root is normal, usually after a month will drop half, can fill the new eyelash.
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