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Amy must pay attention to the grafting eyelash 13 small details

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
With thick, long, roll become warped eyelash is every girl's dream, grafting eyelash can not only satisfy these needs, also can improve eye type, deepen the eyeliner. After grafting, almost without makeup, as long as a lip gloss, shine in the whole people. Editor recently did the grafting eyelash below to share some private thoughts, consult for friends. 1 before grafting. As long as it's not very sensitive skin or eyes to inflammation, can consider grafting eyelash. 2. Choose a health, technical good shops is very important. Can check with grafting around friends, listen to their recommendations. Don't covet is cheap, to some of the roadside shop. Choose large chain stores is more assured. 3. Grafting price based on the selected material, false eyelash root number, etc. Each are not identical. In terms of material, it is suggested that the selection of soft, delicate, so the damage to the own eyelash is small, and after grafting can stay longer. Can ask the technician took out her introduction a few false eyelash, oneself see, feel the softness, then make a decision. 4. When selecting a number, not to blindly pursue the thick. If a root, more false eyelash eyelash grafting eyelash to oneself of damage is very big. At present, many stores are recommended single side grafting, and also to minimize the harm of eyelashes. But if your eyelash more exiguous, can consider in some eyelash grafting two root. Choice, after all, grafting, for after the completion of the beautiful, if is more sparse, the effect won't make you satisfied. These details, and technicians to discuss carefully, choose according to the actual situation of eyelash. 5. In addition to the material and the number of root, also need to choose the shape ( Eye end, eyes and lengthened natural lengthened) And roll become warped degrees and length ( 1厘米,1。 1cm……) And so on, these are vary from person to person. According to the characteristics of their eyes and hope to present the effect of making choices. Generally speaking, if the eyes long enough, can choose eye end long, not only can adjust well type, also can promote enchanting sense. If the narrow double-fold eyelid or eyebrow eye from the narrow, it is not recommended to choose too roll become warped. For professional women, long eyelash can appear not natural, lower your workplace professional degrees. Therefore, when making choices, according to their own rational judgment, rather than blindly pursue long, dense and become warped. 6. Choose good after, you could start by grafting, people with the lenses, please take off to relax. 7. Grafting process takes about 40 minutes, has been closed eyes, bow tribe may wish to take this chance to have to put down the phone, listen to music, repose, loosen body and mind, slow decompression. 8 after grafting. Within 4 hours after grafting, can't touch water. Water will affect the effectiveness of the glue, thus affecting durability. 9. After grafting eyelash, no longer need to daub eyelash to cream. Can normal eye makeup, but at the time of discharge makeup, must not use products containing oil. So, please prepare the good makeup milk or discharge makeup water. When discharge makeup, great soft cotton to wipe, prevent ShiJia eyelash falls off in advance by rubbing. 10. In order to keep the false eyelash longer, every time when washing a face, eye should be gentle. Don't rub eyes during the day. 11. When you find false eyelashes to fall off, don't use hand to drag, it will damage your eyelash greatly. Can the eyelash comb with the comb suitable, waiting for it to fall naturally. In 2 weeks or so, eyelash falls is better, can go to the store to let technician unloading in professional way. 12. After grafting, best daub eyelash growth liquid to nourish eyelash every day. 13. Finally, to remind you, do not frequently grafted eyelashes. Even if is to choose a good product (again And false eyelash glue) , when the false eyelash falls off, the true eyelash will hurt. This is also a lot of people will find that grafting once, his eyelashes without the original thick. The grafting effect is good or bad, and has a lot to do with whether own eyelashes thick. When you frequent grafting after several times in the short term, it is not possible to achieve the perfect effect of the early again. In order to get the true beauty, maintenance of our eyelash can not be ignored! One month interval grafting, give a chance to rest.
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