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An overview of eye makeup

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Korean eye makeup editor with Korean dramas and the popular idol groups in recent years, people are becoming more and more in love with Korean delicate makeup look, especially with the makeup of the Korean more bright eye, whether it is pure and fresh and concise style, or sootiness makeup, can attract the attention of many girls, because belong to Asian, so very suitable for referring to the makeup of Korean style, let's take a look at Korean eye makeup need to be aware of the painting [ 1] 。 1. Eyeliner depending on the makeup: if you choose small sootiness makeup, so the look line must be painted, so you don't give a person top-heavy sense [ 2] 。 If you choose light eye makeup, eye can not paint, once the painting will be framed by feeling. Good eye like a parallelogram, two of the acute Angle is our inner and outer canthus, short edge distance is equivalent to the length of the outer corner to the lower eyelid after 2/3, can sweep in the distance with the same color of the upper eyelid eye shadow, to complete the eye makeup. 2. Fluctuation look line must be connected: eye end white space is the great taboo eyeliner, it is not beautiful, 2 it is to give a person feel you are not careful, the beauty of these details are often give you impression points of the key. 3. After fill the canthus can spin round eyes: this technique is quite popular this year. When draw look line, the eye end with the look line Angle of blank filling, is the suitable way of type between don't use hook up, now out of fashion! The small triangle of the canthus must remember to fill up!
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