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An overview of mink

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Mink is 'northeast sambo', known as 'the king of cho,' said. Mink belongs to fine fur, fur, pedal is good, soft and strong, rich and plush, colour and lustre is sleek. Made of fur clothing, it is elegant, is the ideal fur products. Mink ( Guard hair) Beautiful, sable hair ( Bottom MAO) To keep warm, they are indispensable parts of mink, cannot be separated from the comparison. Mink is 'northeast sambo', known as 'the king of cho,' said. Mink belongs to fine fur, fur, pedal is good, soft and strong, rich and plush, colour and lustre is sleek. Made of leather clothing, it is elegant, is the ideal fur products. Edit the mink and divided into zi sable and mink. With appearance of mink is relatively rare, zi mink output, expensive, have the laudatory title of 'king' in qiu, therefore people has become a symbol of wealth. Abroad, known as 'soft gold'. Mink with 'wind skin maomao warmer, snow falls fur vanish, rain skin maomao don't wet' three major characteristics of the mink fur feels very comfortable, soft, and very shiny. If the fur on the place of alopecia areata or scaly, is probably the skin disease and other diseases. Classification editor appearance sable zi sable is a specialty in Asia in the north of the sable belong to animals. Widely distributed in the ural mountains, Siberia, Mongolia, northeast China and Japan, Hokkaido, etc. Pose is known for its fur. Pose the sable is activity of the predator in the daytime. By hunting small game smell and hearing, rats, birds, and fish. Sometimes eat berries and pine nuts. Pose the sable nest on the ground of forest, mostly in bad weather or killing of nowadays, they will hide in the nest, and even store food inside. Appearance of mink fur is called the mink, only produced in the northeast region in China, with 'ginseng, deer antler' and referred to as the 'northeast sambo'. Has now been China as a level of protection, it is forbidden to hunt wild appearance mink. Mink for rare fur, and types for the traditional export fur. In the international fur goods, mink price is high. Foreign businessmen put mink when gold reserves, and therefore is called 'soft gold'. Mink outline: mammalia animal names: mink families: mustelidae Latin name: Mustla vison/lutreola English name: American/European mink slender shape, male body length 38-42 cm, tail 20 cm long, weight is 1. 6-2. 2 kg, the female is small. Body hair brown, jaw with white spot, small head, round eyes, ear is a semicircle, slightly above the head and tendency of the front, can't swing. Neck stub. Limbs stout, forelimbs shorter than the hind legs slightly, with webbed between fingers, toes, webbed between toes after more apparent, foot pads. Tail long, Mao Pengsong. Mink in animal taxonomy belong to mammals, a carnivore, skunk, skunk genera of small valuable fur. Under the wild, American mink ( M。 水貂) And the European mink ( M。 lutreola) Two kinds. Now in captivity around the world are the offspring of minks in the us and Europe. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 Com/their fur for dark brown. Main activities during the night, eat small rodents, also have mole cricket, frogs and fish. The hole in the life on the Banks of the stream or rock seam between, some breeding grounds. Raising mink fur
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