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Anecdote of the first capture the exploding stars: shock wave

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Recently, a university of Notre Dame, Australia and a number of units in the national university of the international team of researchers, with the help of the United States national aeronautics and space administration ( NASA) Kepler space telescope, captured two stars explode the first few minutes, and for the first time to see stars collapse from the larger of the formation of shock wave in the nucleus. This finding helps people to understand the complex explosion, it is such a blast the various elements of the human and the earth Yang. The graph is big exploding stars emit shock video capture according to NASA's web site, the team by a professor of astrophysics at the university of Notre Dame Peter garner lead, they in the past three years has been based on the analysis of Kepler's capture of the light from the 500 distant galaxies, analysis every 30 minutes at a time. Found the two stars belong to 'old age' star - — Red giant. The first KSN 2011 a size of 300 SUNS, 7 light-years from earth, the second KSN 2011 d size of about 500 SUNS, 12 light-years from earth. According to the Australian national university, when the stars burn fuel, they will collapse to a nuclear explosion, the formation of a supernova, more brighter than the rest of the galaxy, will continue to shine for a few weeks. It has long been known that a supernova explosion, but knew little about its early stages. The institute of astronomy and astrophysics, Dr Brad tucker said, it just like the original explosion shock wave, just more, also no one was injured. When a supernova nuclear collapses into a neutron star, will bounce off of the surface in the form of the shock wave from nuclear energy, speed up to 30000 - 40000 km/SEC, and lead to fusion and produce heavy elements, such as gold, silver, uranium, etc. NASA's web site, according to the researchers was detected in the larger the supernova shock wave is spamming, no smaller supernova. They suspected that may be because the smaller the supernova surrounding gas, the shock wave generated by the violence. NASA calls the finding a 'milestone' in astronomical observation. The researchers point out that these observations help astronomers learn more about the large-scale structure of the universe, understanding of the size of the stars and in its early what is the effect of the explosive death. Tucker said, were created by the supernova of heavy elements, which we rely for existence, such as iron, zinc and iodine, so to speak, we are exploring the human is how to produce. The findings will be published in the journal astrophysics in the United States.
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