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Angelababy kun ling to long eyelashes infinite love, only because it is the magic eye of the weight!

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Some natural eyelash long, some inherent problems, the day after tomorrow, why so many sister for eyelash so persistent? ! Because it is very important to decorate the eyes really! Also in leveling with your eyeliner and eye shadow of amplification eyes, in fact, a pair of thick long eyelashes can easily get ~ to have charming eyes 'malicious' time to say they were in the eyelash eyelash how important it is for female star, look at them under the 'hard' kung fu! Small s recently to make eyelash longer at growth fluid besmear is 50 times a day as a result, the eye inflammation, here just want to say the love of beauty really want to reason ~ however there are still a lot of enviable entertainment 'eyelash' ~ Anglebaby drying out of the evil spirit with their leader zhang envy other people, let us also notice she go against this long eyelashes! Kun ling also have a special liking to eyelash makeup look, especially love the eyelash with root trenchant root of king sister-in-law is barbie I ~ so enlarge eyes don't only depend on eyeliner, eye shadow, sometimes can get a pair of eyelash! Someone will say, but I really can only draw eyelash 'fly legs' and 'panda eye' oh ~ don't worry! This ba today will tell you to let you change to 'eyelash' of a few big magic weapon to born not long enough? False eyelash to gather together! Post not false eyelash is a skill, it's easy to change even a bit exaggerated 'shocking' ~ what false eyelash to naturally enlarge eyes, this tutorial must see ~ Step 1 'amount eye' to build a natural many sister last false eyelash eyelash not naturally because of the whole article labeled directly, cause not joint eye form ~ so amount 'eye' is really very important! Put false eyelash compare the length above his eye, and then from the end of it is good to cut unwanted parts ~ in addition you can also adjust camber, such ability make false eyelash more natural. Step 2 with good glue stronger when give false eyelash besmear glue, much in the eye and eye end head slightly apply to post more tightly to the other half working post effect best oh ~ Step 3 first stick in the middle again two head is the key to make false eyelash more natural, must as far as possible when stick with their own eyelash ~ eyes looking down eyelid natural relaxation, stick in the middle part and then follow the adjustment eye head and eye end will easily fit ~ Step 4 also need to pick out false eyelash roll become warped finally just with eyelash clip, in addition to make false eyelash more joint can increase roll become warped oh ~ after the glue dried must don't forget to use eyeliner filling the space between and own really false eyelash eyelash, such ability looks more natural don't touch! Farewell 'flies leg' is brushed brush eyelashes eyelashes have skills the most taboo is 'fly legs', show makeup look dirty, also lost the eyelash with root trenchant root completely pure feeling! Although the choice of the mascara is very important, want to and clean the eyelash with root trenchant root, your skills are important too! Z word is a very easy to use skills, or brush can let more evenly coated on the eyelash eyelash to cream ~ want to let the next eyelash can choose with root trenchant root more finer brush, brush from the root will naturally ~ finally gently swab to wipe off excess mascara can avoid dizzy makeup! Don't look down upon clip eyelash can actually so 'play' to clip to the eyelashes, can use another hand to eyelid shored up gently, eyelash can naturally opened, this is the eye swollen star people the Gospel! Don't want to perm eyelashes and wanted to have a roll become warped eyelash? This time you only need a hair dryer is enough! With hot air heating eyelash clip also can have the effect of perm eyelashes isn't it be great! The last of the last to do a magic eye beauty ~ eyelash long eyelashes light fire! !
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