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As the key tools in beautiful eyelash, you understand it enough?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Do you think what is the most critical thing in beautiful eyelash? Is artificial eyelash? Tweezers? Still? Glue! No doubt is glue, then you know it? Glue category/from the chemistry of the glue points/glue from chemical properties mainly divides into the vinyl 'chemical' and 'water-based glue' two categories. 'Chemical vinyl' sticky, even has hang silk phenomenon, grafting of refreshing degree without 'water-based glue' relaxed, grafting after hardening, so 'water-based glue' more popular than the vinyl 'chemistry'. From/glue drying speed points/glue dry speed is divided into 'slow dry, dry, quick dry'. Slow dry at a slower speed for 10 seconds or so commonly, more suitable for novice grafting. Dry speed, generally in three to five seconds is relatively popular among beauty solution from the teacher. Quick drying speed is faster, normal in 3 seconds, for grafting speed and operation skill. / from/glue can also according to smell the smell of the glue points are divided into: relish rubber and tasteless rubber. Tasteless, also known as sensitive glue, glue smell, suitable for sensitive eyes are grafting, glue the maintain time in 15 to 20 days or so is relatively short. Relish the glue, relative to the tasteless glue stay longer, resin composition is a little higher, because it contains cement was stronger. The use of the service life of the glue, glue the general principle is 'unopened keep 3 months or so,' 'replacement' 30 days after the kaifeng. Kaifeng glue, after a period of time, will get sticky glue, grafting, silk, and hardening of the slow, once appear pull silk phenomenon, should be replaced immediately. Often meet with glue not beginning to use after opening, the reason is that cap not tighten, glue not clean lead to bottle. Glue will react and trace moisture in the air, so be very careful when saving. Suggest glue after opening, tighten the cap and put in sealed bags, or pour placed a refrigerator or sealed in the jar containing the meters. A lot of activities, welcome to use our the glue.
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