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Beautiful eyelash, exactly what to do?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
'Kind of eyelash can enhance the effect of the lovely', thus deeply the favour of beauty lady. Yesterday, the reporter visited the city a few MeiXi Road in the grafting eyelash, found that while a store is not big, but business is quite good. In a small shop, two or three girls in the beauty bed make eyelash grafting, serve for their hairdresser even without wearing gloves and face mask, without any middle disinfection, beauty bed putting boxes false eyelashes and farming tools. Beauty consultant, said a mink eyelash to 390 yuan, member price 190 yuan, can stay for a month, no discomfort after planted, the eyelash is South Korea imported. Reporter picked up the package looked, in addition to the above several lines of Korean, no logo. Other different price translucent plastic box is filled with all sorts of different material 'artificial eyelash. Through the transparent plastic cover as you can see, some only trademark, or the whole box without a word, but these eyelash, manufacturer, production date, all have no. According to ms wu once open a beauty salon, hairdressing, manicure agencies to save costs, will buy some cheap fake eyelashes, many of which were made from pig hair, dog hair processing, due to inadequate disinfection desensitization, residual bacteria, chemical composition, it's easy to cause infection, lead to fall out. The most expensive sable hair is qualitative, 390 yuan for a kind of so-called grafting eyelashes, is to their false eyelashes with glue on the true eyelash, make eyelash is thick, inline called 'eyelash'. Yesterday, the reporter said to grafting eyelash, with consumer identity came to downtown MeiXi Road beauty salon. A beauty consultant enthusiastically told reporters about the benefits of grafting false eyelashes, she said, before that kind of a row of stick already out of date, is not natural, is the effect of grafting is very natural, price from 100 yuan to 390 yuan. Said, and she picked up a few plastic box to reporters to see the size of a mobile phone, and let the reporters feel with the hand, feel soft degree of various kinds of different material eyelash. 'You see, this is the best, kind of a 390 yuan, is made of sable hair, very soft. You feel the 100 yuan, again hard. 'The reporter a few times to ask the material of false eyelashes all sorts of different price different, she just laughed, but stressed that the best is' mink '. Journalists worry stick false eyelashes glue pungent taste great, would like to take a look at the glue is put forward, hairdressing adviser smiled and refused, saying only, glue is South Korea imported, absolutely won't cause harm to the eyes, and stick on two minutes after the quick-drying. Summary recently, the news that some materials used in the false eyelash on the market for pig hair, dog hair, cause a lot of beautiful people feel discomfort after grafting, appear even eyelashes fall off. So how is the our city market of false eyelashes, whether also useful animals such as dogs, pig hair hair hair grafting the phenomenon of false eyelash? Recently, the reporter to investigate. Kind of eyelash, eyes suffered quite a few days after investigation, citizens after false eyelashes, would appear discomfort response. Some people are used to be a false eyelash grafting, said after planting eyelash, dry eyes redness and swelling for a period of time, has the obvious foreign body sensation, or even off false eyelash, joint tear off really eyelashes. Citizens liu said, was on a whim, she grow eyelash with his classmates, after a period of time, what kind of eyelash falls off entirely, also make their own true eyelash falls, canthus place eyelash totally long not to come out now. Just graduated from the university of xiao li said she was kind of eyelash is proud to shoot, just in the eyes of eyelash is very urticant, staff said to her just to do, in a couple of days. But two days later eyes swollen with red, you can't resist, went to the hospital to see, is infectious conjunctivitis. To this, city eye hospital eye doctor said that had exploded for planting false eyelash induced corneal inflammation cases. Don't support this kind of beauty, at the expense of the health and eyelashes itself source for grafting, hard to ensure hygiene, easy to cause inflammation of the conjunctiva. Eye doctor proposal, it is best not to eye makeup, like washing a face, wash eyes with water in the morning and evening, ensure smooth sebaceous glands. If can't avoid to use or false eyelash grafting eyelash, choose formal beauty institutions, and paste the false eyelash after a period of time must be removed in a timely manner.
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