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Break up makeup leading role

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Break up makeup protagonist is Chen Peijing women in Taiwan, the former name Arial, English name Arial, 25 years old, originally from shanxi, at taichung second grade a certain institute. With former boyfriend met in an online game a social activity, over time, two people to walk from the network to the reality, in a relationship for nearly a year to talk about marriage, because the family of a variety of reasons, was forced to break up with her ex-boyfriend. Strong girl, with her boyfriend on the phone, in the face of difficult to imagine ending, make-up while crying. Break up and then take 'makeup' uploaded to the Internet, to smile to face life, through his own experience of pain, to tell all were forced to separate the girls, life is good, let oneself become more beautiful. And break up makeup video also reflect a theme, beauty makeup is serious attitude of a better life. Break up the younger sister arial often on the network share skills, this is due to 'break up makeup' film BaoHong unexpectedly. After break up 'makeup' video circulated, cause people attention. The film subtitles 'dry the tears, we start again', but tears keep out from the innocent eyes, not only to the mainland netizens share video web site to the mainland, even the red back to Taiwan, three days have nearly two hundred thousand people to browse. Later, netizens found that when it comes to 'sister' is Taiwan is the younger sister arial, she wrote on the website: 'no matter how sad all want to learn to cheer, dozen spirit to look better! 'Coated with liquid foundation, also has the big eyes, tears almost will be filled with tears, and therefore BaoHong impress the hearts. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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