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Build the long eyelash on these seven tips

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Guide language: recently, the Ukraine, a 58-year-old man Valery Smagliy boasts the world's long eyelash, this let him enjoy the numerous women envious eyes. Valery Smagliy for eyelash short MM, long eyelash can let a person yearning, really want to make eyelash longer, these seven tips will help you achieve. Seven tips make is thick and long eyelashes tip 1: according to the order of mascara mascara in accordance with the 'first root, again after central and peripheral' order, points three clip eyelash, clip while gently lift up. Then in horizontal zigzag rotating brush head while even move up slowly. In order to strengthen effect, can be erected brush brush divide evenly eyelash of a root, then brush the eyelash of the canthus and eye end, and the next eyelash. Tip 2: stick false eyelash stick the false eyelash eyelash length to do a contrast with your own eyes, redundant cut off, and then hold two head, adjust the position, make it have radian then besmear eyelash glue, wait for dry after escaping from the corners of the eyelashes and eye end sticking eyelash root, fixed the rest close to the eyelashes. Tip 3: use eyelash growth liquid after the shower every night in the eyelashes on besmear eyelash growth liquid, if the effect is very good, can be used many times a day. But don't use before you go to sleep, because sleep before use to make eyelash fluid flow into his eyes slowly, eyes will spicy uncomfortable. Secret 4: drink with tea to drink tea left in the left will drink the tea cool, and the next day before you go to bed early in the morning, with cotton buds wet brush eyelashes, can achieve the effect of eyelash growth. Tip 5: wipe the vitamin E oil before going to bed every day before going to sleep, to wipe the eyelashes with vitamin E oil, and then wipe the eyelashes. In about ten days can see the effect. Eyelashes thick elastic. Tip 6: morning and evening to clean vaseline vaseline vaseline every night and morning inunction, can help prevent or correct eyelash broken broken, often use can make your eyelash become beautiful, thick. Tip 7: every night with currency oil or olive oil every night to choose one of the inunction, can promote the growth of eyelashes, thick. In addition, add lemon peel debris inside the small oil bottle, daily inunction, can make eyelash more beautiful. Long tooth brush makes eyelash long; The distribution of the thick tooth brush can make full package eyelash eyelash to cream body; Double cross the length of elastic brush head and easy to comb the eyelash, I word from roots to ends and lengthen eyelashes, with root trenchant root and create beautiful eyelash with root trenchant root effect. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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