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Can myopia restore?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Our bodies have perfect self-regulation, as long as we change the wrong habits with the eye, absorb others' right experience, can treat myopia. This is a method for the treatment of myopia, summer vacation she exercises every day in the home, these methods to get rid of the dependence on glasses, two months later, his vision from 400 degrees to 100 degrees, the following is the method of his practice summary, hope someone can give eye myopia is inspired, cast off the yoke of the glasses. Method/process station somewhere, to find a more distant trees and a closer tree, then observe a nearby tree for a moment, then observe the distance of the tree for a while. This method can regulate eye muscles, relax. Watch to see trees as much as possible when you need to details. Palm rub hot, wu in the eyes, and do it over and over again, this is also a relax your eyes, and very comfortable, this action can be done anytime and anywhere. Sunbathing, when it's sunny, his eyes closed, toward the sun, make the light through the eyelid, stimulate the eye cells. Myopia is sensitive to light, we encountered a strong light will narrow the eyes or eye. It is can improve the ability to accept of our eyes to the light. At night, the sky stars, count the stars, with his eyes to find the stars, but it can't old stare at a star, so eyes will get tired. Sitting or standing, eyes straight ahead first, then do the up and down or so eye movement, let the eyes to stretching in every direction and every direction can stay for a few seconds. We will find eyes were deformed after myopia, this method can adjust our eyes in the back to normal shape, and also helps to restore the eye focus ability. Many eyes, wink can alleviate eye fatigue, is at any time to do this. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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