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Charming eyes mm wear false eyelash visitors instantly

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
If you still don't wear false eyelashes, it must be had not yet come to appreciate the charm of the false eyelashes, do you want to let your eyes instantly brighten doubling? Hurry to see wear false eyelash visitors. The effect of false eyelash 1. Increase eyes, bright eye, false eyelash is single-edged eyelid mm or mm small eye of the Gospel, choosing the appropriate can hold out false eyelash double-fold eyelid effect. False eyelash line and is in the same way, choose the black terrier eyelash can increase the eyes bright eye effect. 2. Change features proportion can solve the false eyelash eyelash myself the trouble of short, eyelash to open up the shape of the eye can enlarge the proportion, changing facial features, let face also small for a moment. Wear false eyelash preparation tool right mascara, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, tweezers, glue, small scissors, adjusting tools such as step one: use on the eyelash curler, eyelash to cream in order to make your eyelash with wear false eyelash after the perfect fit, first need to put his own eyelash clip becomes warped, on a layer of mascara. If lack of this one step, and finally wear good may with his false eyelash eyelash separated into two layers, the effect is bad. Step 2: shearing length of appropriate general new false eyelash eyelash are longer, we need to trim the length according to your own eyes a little bit. Can put the eyelash on the eyes, observe the required length, shearing the required length. Otherwise false eyelash may and my eyes can't perfect fit well. Step 3: after besmear eyelash glue, we can use eyelash glue, difficult to tu also more with less, let the glue evenly cover the eyelash can surface. Besmear after waiting for about 20 seconds, this step can make eyelash on eye stick more firmly. Step 4: put a false eyelash can adjust the tool to use special paste false eyelashes, but most will still use their hands to paste, more convenient quickly. Paste can stick eye head first, good eye head position, according to the location of the eyeliner after finishing the rest of the eyelashes, and finally fixed eye end. Step 5: if use eyelash clip observation mirror that did not fit with their own eyelash false eyelash, can again use eyelash clip eyelash clip becomes warped, but be careful don't pull down the false eyelash. This is accomplished! How to bring more false eyelash natural 1. Not easy to choose a long eyelashes, eyelash to soft with your fingertips touch false eyelash to feel soft, not hard, this false eyelash can make makeup more natural, eyes also won't have oppressive feeling. 2. Choose transparent or dark look of eyelash glue if choose white glue, after waiting for glue dry, there will be over the remaining white glue on false eyelash, one can imagine the effect is not very natural. So it is advisable to choose transparent or dark look eyelash glue, if want to or eyeliner more natural makeup, so transparent eyelash glue can also be used. The effect of dark look eyelash glue can also act as eyeliner, also is right choice.
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