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Choose the rules of false eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Choose the false eyelash rule 1, wool is fine, the more realistic. In the choice of false eyelashes, it is important to note that the fidelity of false eyelash, terrier is too thick thick eyeliner hidden must be drawn, accidentally became a thick makeup. Too too black eyelash under the lights, will show a feeling of cheap plastic. Eyelash infarction was fine and soft, paste must pay attention to the pleasing to the eye, cannot too too become warped. 2, wool is too thick, too become warped, appear too fake how to glue the false eyelash, this choice false eyelash must pay attention to the small details inside. Daily wear false eyelashes, after the 'roll become warped degrees, length of more than the eyes. If more than the eyebrows, the whole eye makeup is more bizarre. When applying mascara, must choose dot eyelash to cream with their differences, otherwise the whole looks less coordination. How to stick of several key steps 1, false eyelash eyelash terrier need soft start on false eyelash, to squeeze eyelash terrier to soft. Began to make eyelash terrier hair with your fingers like a peacock evenly spread out, always repeat this action, until soft. 2, 2 mm distance in eye eye head empty head to take 2 cm distance, avoid to bring in the process of take a stinging sensation. 3, hair cut note at the beginning of eyelash, remember 'turn face, false eyelash eyelash root to its', so as not to hurt himself. 4, eyelash on both sides to stick on the glue on both sides of the false eyelashes are sticky glue, so as not to fall off. 5, beginning preparations ahead of the false eyelash ready to end, then start sticking eyelash below, with the hand, eyelid, alignment, eye end, and then slowly to the head, can let the 'stem' dense eyelashes. Note: sticking eyelash, the mirror should be placed below the line of sight, eye look down, so can reduce the error of the eyes, see more clearly. 6, before the glue dry, finger push to the index finger jog eyelash terrier before, during and after the period of, slowly push, so as to gradually have become warped degrees. 7, true and false of eyelash clip eyelash clip together with eyelash clip the true and false eyelash clip together, so to avoid false eyelash falls off. 8, eyeliner hydraulic shaft, 'false' after don't stick good false eyelashes, and then using the superfine liquid eyeliner, make sure not false eyelash not betrayed. Girls should learn how to glue the false eyelash, more want to eyes, this method is absolutely necessary. In addition to the false eyelashes, the use of mascara can also make the eyes out of state, the existence of god is sending out the woman's unique charm. How to highlight the beauty of the eyes, mascara has become a critical problem. What more mascara to make eyes? 1, the choice suits own mascara used correctly in line with their own eyelash to cream is very important. Normal mascara is commonly used to eat during the day, can rise to increase eye brightness, can let an eye bigger on the vision. And blue mascara under the lights dim reflective effect, is suitable for the occasion; see the evening party Brown mascara is suitable for shallow hair and skin, let the one who is, won't produce distance feeling; 2, long + incorporated in the dense mascara mascara incorporated in the now has two functions, a mascara has two kinds of effect. Not only can make your eyelash is thick and long, is a good choice for lazy people. 3, perm eyelashes, grafting eyelash with mascara beauty of modern high technology, brought the Gospel to many love beautiful women. Such a cosmetic surgery, need not use eyelash eyelash clip after the perm, coated with a layer of mascara is directly, but remember after perm eyelashes more vulnerable, at the time of discharge makeup must be more careful. And artificial joint long eyelash is a way to quickly and easily, but artificial fiber stick on your eyelashes, you don't have to use eyelash creams. Because of the eyelash to cream ingredients with fiber produces chemical reaction, at the time of discharge makeup is likely to cause eyelashes fall off. 4, waste mascara surplus value for the waste of mascara, you should be how to deal with? , a long time without use mascara has passed its expiration, don't use, but I don't need to throw away, there are other place can use. Can be directly used to brush to brush the brows. Because the paste is dry, need not worry completely eyebrows will be tarred. How to apply mascara is good-looking? 5, black rim of the eye, choose what color of mascara? For a long time to stay up late, this hate black rim of the eye began to appear in the face. If you want to cover this hate black rim of the eye, we can use some tools to cover. First choose some modified black rim of the eye concealer pens, and then begin to choose appropriate eyelash creams, brown or blue mascara, brighten eyes, distraction for black rim of the eye's attention, don't choose brown mascara. 6, next eyelash besmear? Only on besmear eyelash besmear next eyelash, whether very unprofessional performance? There is not so absolute. Coated lashes up and down at the same time, we will add the eye ministry stereo feeling, looks great and makes eyes, if coupled with eyeliner painted will look more formal, makeup look is thicker, suit to attend the activities in the evening. If at ordinary times, travel to work, hope to look natural, pure and fresh makeup look, you can choose not to besmear next eyelash. 7, frame glasses VS mascara for those who like glasses look, in order to highlight the beautiful eyelash, try to choose the boundless frame mirror. When besmear eyelash choose encryption type, however, highlights the effect of thick, long eyelashes can destroy the whole coordination of eye makeup. Pay attention to the frame color don't conflict with eyelash color, pay attention to the overall effect of eye makeup. 8, how the flair of mascara mascara high-tech components, material. To be more beautiful eye makeup, need their exquisite technology. Starting from the roots repeatedly brush, or the tip of the eyelash brush forcibly slightly effect is completely different. How mascara key at eight o 'clock, you remember? Those who love beautiful women, all want to learn this.
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