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Cleaning and maintenance with false eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
Often attention like MM love to ask questions about the posts of false eyelash, many netizens recently in consulting false eyelash cleaning and maintenance problems, for example: with false eyelashes and after discharge makeup, still remain a lot of glue on false eyelash, to a little tear with your hand, and time-consuming and hard to clean, how to do the cleaning and maintenance, there should be any shortcut method and so on. In view of this kind of phenomenon, editors have compiled this article answers, hope I can help to you! ~ steps/methods actually false eyelashes has gradually become an indispensable part of in the girl's makeup. But for the cleaning and maintenance of false eyelash, many MM are baffled. General good is false eyelash can not touch the water, but use after one or two, if not completely clean, will lose the original shape. Today to teach everyone cleaning and maintenance of false eyelashes, false eyelash and deformation, won't make it! If you have special makeup or discharge makeup fluid such as water discharge makeup is very convenient. Discharge makeup water; Pour on cotton pad, please wipe glue will wipe it out slowly. The last great clean cotton. Discharge makeup milk; To shut my eyes in make up cotton apply the let makeup breasts are full with glue and graze on ok. We first look at the picture! This is after the use of false eyelash, dirtier, lost the original shape! After the clean, like new to buy again. No deformation! 4 maintain false eyelash eyelash beautifully slender, but very fragile, therefore, be especially careful when using. When removed from the box, holding the edge of it hard to pull, along the direction of eyelash, gently with fingers out; From the eyelids off, want to hold middle of false eyelash? 'Shua' suddenly pulled down, simply a squeaky, avoid by all means holding two or three hair pulled down. Used to eradicate false eyelash glue, neatly into the box. Don't stick powder eye shadow, eyelash oil to the false eyelashes, otherwise it will get dirty and destroy the false eyelash. Cleaning and maintenance instructions use process: 1, the immersion time at least 1 hour, the longer the soak time so when cleaning easier, but also less likely to damage eyelashes; 2, the entire process of clean absolutely never stick into the water! Especially human hair eyelash; 3, must use paper towel wipe off the discharge makeup oil, so as not to affect the next use.
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