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Correct selection of false eyelash prevent damage your eyes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Many of the MM in order to make the eyes bigger and more, every day wear false eyelashes, but behind the beautiful also exist many hidden trouble, serious can affect the health of the eye, how to paste the false eyelashes don't destroy the eyes, small make up today to share a few about false eyelashes and practical skills, for the sake of beauty don't miss oh. Harm a: lead to true eyelash falls off. Because individual eyelash condition, some eyelash is very easy to fall off. If the long-term wear false eyelashes, easily lead to fall further. Harm 2: weaken the defence function of eyelash. Long-term wear too long and too thick will make false eyelash eyelash also reduces protective function. Original eyelid should instantly react, but because too heavy a false eyelash can delay the reaction time, but experts point out that people often wear false eyelashes tend to squint, eye discomfort. Harm 3: cause eye irritation. Long-term wear false eyelashes, may affect the purity of the eyelashes in itself. The eyelashes have a lot of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, if wear false eyelashes longer, sweat pores for a long time affected by false eyelashes block easily sweat pores. If false eyelashes itself is not clean, more easily clogged pores, also can make the hair follicles infection, leading to folliculitis or purulent folliculitis. False eyelash is divided into Europe and the United States and the Japanese, Europe and the United States is characterized by concentration, suitable for eye contour is outstanding, or you want to build the stage effect of girls use; Japanese actually production in Taiwan area, effect is more natural, suitable for the Oriental eye shape. Quality and cheap price, your price is not the only, if you are careless, the cheap fake eyelashes, cast type are good for you; If you belong to receive, expensive eyelash is worth the investment, if you want to buy art eyelash, it must buy brand, gorgeous and there won't be cheap. In daily life, as far as possible choice of nature, and to participate in some grand theme party or dinner can consider some highly exaggerated artistry of false eyelashes, for example with a diamond or a feather. Some limited edition can be used as false eyelash party decoration, but also as a collection. You can also use two different false eyelashes create new model. To ShiJia eyelash eyelashes rubbing together with itself appear natural, should choose a dark brown or black for Asian women. When false eyelash of choose and buy, should choose some false eyelash use shorter than his eyelids. Because of false eyelashes don't have to be from eye head has been posted on eye end, should leave a bit empty in eye head, more natural to do so. Person eyelash is not general, length is not neat, eye head, eye end, suddenly took a long false eyelashes, you will feel not accustomed to, don't feel real. Round eye type of application of cotton eyelash, eyelids heavy need to adjust the system of people are using the nylon eyelashes. Although fine elegant, false eyelash is very fragile. So be very careful to do: 1. Removed from the box, along the direction of eyelash, fingers gently remove; From the eyelids off, want to hold the false eyelash thing down quickly, avoid by all means took two or three hair pulled down. 2. Used to eradicate false eyelash adhesive glue, neatly into the box. Note don't put the eye shadow powder, stick to the false eyelash eyelash oil and otherwise it will get dirty and destroy false eyelash. 3. With special discharge makeup makeup water to clean the false eyelash. Pressure rub false eyelash with cosmetic cotton, first beginning from the root, and then the front part. Action must be light, otherwise cannot be recycled. Just buy the false eyelash is too beautiful, can give a person feel very uncomfortable, so should not be directly used, must be properly trimmed. The false eyelash clip, two eyes must shade density is consistent. A false eyelash can also be cut in half, put in place, they hope to strengthen such as outer canthus, eyelids central, etc. Stick when false eyelash, should be a little glue on the edge of the false eyelash besmear, for easy to fall off on both ends, the dosage should be a bit more, glue not to stick on the false eyelashes. Then along the own eyelash eyelash glue coated with a layer. Glue dries in the strongest adhesive force, it will be about 5 seconds later, stay near the dry glue, bend bend a false eyelash, make it soft. And then, eyes to the mirror, adjust the Angle of false eyelashes, press gently along the eyelash root on false eyelash. According to about 10 seconds with the hand, make the true and false eyelash fully knead.
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