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Daily appearance of eyebrows

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Not all man's eyebrows long very thick very complete and have stereo feeling, many women eyebrows is very weak, or uneven growth, so we need to make up after threading to complete the eyebrow makeup. Tools/raw material or eyebrow pencil eyebrow powder eyebrow brush eyebrow essentials: 1 want eyebrows and stereo feeling, also want to master the administrative levels of the eyebrows, have deep have shallow. Eyebrows place to light some, from the eyebrow to the eyebrow end part of the deep. With eyebrow powder can from hand slowly brush brows to eyebrow end first, reoccupy redundant paint eyebrows. Some eyebrows long relatively thick, heavy color, can give a person has been frowning very serious feeling, can do some work on his brow, or brush with cream will eyebrows eyebrow color light. 2 long sparse eyebrows, or have any openings in some places, you can choose than hair color of light color eyebrow pencil, along the growth direction of the eyebrows, with eyebrow pencil were painted in the void area. Strength to light to uniform. Has simple method, the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil box, reoccupy eyebrow powder coated, so the drawing will not make eyebrows appear very natural, not solid, is already very outdated drawing, and will make the whole people's temperament. 3 depicts the must constantly through the mirror to see, contrast is the same on both sides of the eyebrows eyebrow color for appropriate, is very careful steps. 4 after the eyebrows with spiral brush to brush brows, eyebrow look is natural uniform depth, is a very necessary step. END steps/methods eyebrows trimmed first; First determine the location of eyebrow peak, with the direction of the eyebrow pencil down brow of a root growth to fill gaps; Sticking with eyebrow brush on the eyebrow powder, brush eyebrow end to begin with eyebrow peak, and then use painted eyebrows, brow color eyebrow peak and eyebrow end than shallow, would look good with stereo feeling; Brush with spiral neatly groomed eyebrows, and in a strong position to brush more uniform color eyebrow; Completed. END note each person's face is different, the effect of need not assimilation eyebrow point is different also, also note and threading.
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