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Dillon heat the eyelashes thick to shave! These bad habits, will let fall out!

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
For grafting eyelash eyelash ascension is not is not big, but many people who don't need a born beauty grafting eyelash help, is really envy others. Dillon hot fat di exotic beauty appearance, let she won the 2018 global one hundred big beauty first, deep facial features, perfect body and lovely personality, let her heat, become everyone's favorite beauty! Together with Dillon hot bar before filming fire like a song in an interview, the actress spoke such a story: 'we shoot all day that day, the sand is very big, turned and saw the eyelash of the heat and intact, how didn't off'. Heat the answer it's unable to believe that this eyelash own ah, but also because of bad too thick makeup, also used this morning pick eyebrow knife cut in half! Incredibly dense enough to shave half! Fat, you are so crazy, but also a netizen called 'eyelash'. While hot and dense eyelash from genetic inheritance, we can't change, Tears) But we can think of some way to make eyelash more healthy, more is not easy to fall off! Break the bad habit of eyelash in addition to the well-known forcibly knead eyelashes, false eyelashes when discharge makeup removal strength is too big, often with grafting eyelash, there are two factors can harm the eyelashes. 1. Not regularly clean eyelash curler in addition to at least once a month to clean the eyelash curler, suggested to be replaced every six months strip, so as to avoid aging, hardening of the strip in the process of clip eyelash. 2. Eye cream with eyelash root is a bit of a surprise! Eye care product usually contains a large number of moisture and oil, residue on the eyelash cause excessive stimulation of the opposite effect, for example: eyelash, etc. Eyelash maintenance method, unloading mascara, apply eye makeup article 30 seconds to wet the cosmetic cotton, and apply in the eyes, about 30 seconds, and then gently wipe down! ( Everything is lighter) If the eyelashes and part stripped clean, with cotton buds dipped in eye makeup article, gently remove the roots. If you've been grafting eyelash, when discharge makeup, want to choose do not contain oil discharge makeup product, because of oil dissolve glue, make eyelash is easier to fall off, very not easy to meet good eyelash becomes sparse not good-looking ~ 2, press the bladder bladder located on our backs and legs ( As shown in figure) Massage through the bladder can promote metabolism and blood circulation, indirect maintenance to the eyelash growth. Advice available hands beat back bladder, slapping down all the way to the hips, spend 10 minutes every day massage flapping back and forth, promoting circulation, eyelash grow more healthy and beautiful! Three, turn an eye to maintain, and strengthen with his fingers can use eyelash fluid of resurrection is known to all, but suggested moving the entire eyelid open, carefully painted on 'eyelash root' is OK! Best can then massage with fingers up, accelerate the absorption of fluid of the resurrection! Not heat the advantage of pure natural eyelash, but can through daily maintenance make eyelash more health, must not self-destruct eyelashes!
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