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Discharging false eyelash glue

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
False eyelash can let your eyes look very cute, but when it comes to makeup of trouble will come, when the sticky glue to how removing, don't try so hard, the small make up today is to teach people how false eyelash glue discharge. Just bought fake eyelashes don't wear immediately, you should have enough time and energy to the length of the false eyelash clip into a suitable for you. The ideal the false eyelash is a paste, one is the most natural. But many women like to use eyelash, this is more convenient. The most suitable for Oriental female color is dark brown or black, it can knead itself eyelash with you together and looks natural. Careful pruning false eyelash. Don't put false eyelashes from outer to the inner canthus canthus. If you take a closer look at your own eyelash, you will find that the inner eye place not long eyelashes, so should a mm from the inner eye, false eyelash. Most of the false eyelash with glue on the market, if not, can use the surgical adhesive. Click on the image into the next article & gt; > Coated with a little glue on false eyelash, on your own on your eyelash eyelash to cream, eye face up to the mirror, press gently along the eyelash root on false eyelash, by hand press about 10 seconds, make the true and false eyelash fully knead. If fall out of the corner of my eye, that means less glue, is not eyelashes as well. At this time, you can use a toothpick, pick a little glue on the corner, and then carefully holding the eyelash, the eyelash glue is fixed. If you do everything well, eyelash on the eyelash root, mascara and eyeliner well, should not see false eyelash root, if well mascara and eyeliner, should can't see the trace of false eyelash. In addition, the left and right eye eyelash should be symmetrical, consistent, and is proportional to the whole face. Finally, quickly opened and closed his eyes several times, see if false eyelash will fall down. In the eyelash, wipe on liquid eyeliner, can also be used liquid eyeliner again on the true and false eyelash besmear eyelash creams, such effect is very good. Don't use false eyelashes on the lower eyelid and because looks can appear very exaggerated. The makeup of the lower eyelid best use eyelash creams.
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