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Discuss: eyelashes help you add female glamour

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
On you can choose a the most feminine and on behalf of the women's position, what would you choose? Eyelash, of course, the mascara is to help you add female glamour of inspiration, for you are familiar with eyelash creams, to become master you have nine of them will know. Used the surplus value if a mascara mascara after opening use several times, but time is more than the shelf life, don't for eyelash, but don't have to throw away, use it to brush the eyebrows is a good method. Because paste is dry, don't have to worry about his eyebrows were painted black, can actually make logical very tangible brows. If it is already out of eyelash creams, the brush clean, as after besmear eyelash creams clean 'eyelash comb' is very nice! Colorful mascara correctly using 3 w3w, news three key elements of the who, when, where, for how to correctly use all kinds of mascara is also very suitable. The most commonly used black mascara is suitable for use during the day, a basic carry bright eyes, increasing visual effect of the eye; Blue mascara under the lights dim reflective effect, the most suitable for use at the evening party party; Brown mascara for hair and skin shallow people, won't produce heaviness; Golden eyelash creams, for parties to light up the whole makeup look is the best choice, in order to avoid too much exaggeration, can highlights a few eyelash, but not all painted gold. Other such as warm color attune such as gules, purple mascara, and Oriental skin colour and eye colour match contrast strongly enough, unless in order to match with clothes and makeup, do not use easily. Long + thick, the collocation of two functions use already have this set two functions in one of the mascara, mascara, but you must be more than a hand when you want to use with the mascara collocation of two kinds of different functions, make eyelash is thick and long, you should use encryption mascara first, because it is the composition of oil and wax is more, can bold eyelash diameter, completely dry after appearing, such as using the long mascara, long eyelash to cream the fiber composition, first to use easy to cause adhesion. Eyelash perm eyelashes, grafting and mascara both are help eyelash more dream 'cosmetic surgery', need not use eyelash eyelash clip after the perm, mascara directly is ok, but after the perm eyelashes more fragile, so be sure to use an sensitive make-up remover. Artificial joint long eyelashes is a kind of quick and easy way of beautiful eyelash, is due to the use of artificial fiber stick on your eyelashes, so try not to use eyelash creams. Eyelash to cream ingredients could react with the fibers, and makeup can also lead to implant false eyelash falls off. ( 2] Choose what color of mascara black rim of the eye? First before mascara to black rim of the eye to the decoration, first choose some special personal black rim of the eye concealer pens, then choose mascara, then don't choose brunet eyelash to cream, it will make the whole eye makeup. Brown or blue mascara, brighten eyes, scatter to black rim of the eye's attention, is a good choice. Next eyelash besmear? Only on besmear eyelash besmear next eyelash, whether very unprofessional performance? There is not so absolute. Coated lashes up and down at the same time, we will add the eye ministry stereo feeling, looks great and makes eyes, if coupled with eyeliner painted will look more formal, makeup look is thicker, suit to attend the activities in the evening. If at ordinary times, travel to work, hope to look natural, pure and fresh makeup look, you can choose not to besmear next eyelash. Frame glasses VS mascara to highlight the beautiful eyelash, try to choose the boundless frame mirror. Besmear eyelash choosing encryption type, it is good to build dense effect, long eyelashes instead as a 'wiper sweep in lenses affect the line of sight. ' If there is a border glasses, should pay attention to don't conflict with eyelash color, frame color such as black frame collocation of brunet eyelash, aureate frame can match black or brown, silver frame with blue eyelashes. Far less mascara high-tech components, material, perfect the brush head we only provide the material foundation, and want to be a far less takes some skill. Starting from the roots repeatedly brush, or the tip of the eyelash brush forcibly slightly effect is completely different. Accer ding trade co. , LTD. ( False eyelashes) Was established in September 2012, is a professional manufacturer of eyelashes, is classics outside shandong province economic and trade commission approved the establishment of r&d and marketing beauty eyelashes, specializing in the production, high-grade, false eyelash eyelash glue enterprises.
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