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Do look line not dizzy makeup, the several kinds of supernatural sweet look line drawing

by:Kaisi      2020-11-19
Draw look line is building a beautiful eye makeup is the most important step, but how to draw good can keep don't spend all day, don't look line dizzy catch, it is very tricky! Inner liner how does not make up, to learn the tricks it right now! Steps/methods look line how to keep a day not to take off makeup before 1, eyeliner dip in with finger some powder in the position of eyeliner to daub, especially the corner part. Absorb such doing can let loose powder eye week grease, let the eyes more easily, not to take off makeup. After washing a face, MM people will wipe eye frost, this time don't use cream eye cream oh, want to use oil free eye gel, because condensation absorption will be faster, and won't leave grease in eye week makes the eyeliner is easy to melt. 3, compared with the quality of a material soft cream eyeliner, with waterproof or long-lasting eyeliner pen is better, so it is not easy to melt quickly, paste into a ball. Eyeliner how don't take a makeup within 1, draw look line, use cotton swabs first eyelash root water wipe clean. , good line drawing don't immediately after blinking, eyeliner keep him only a few seconds to fully dry. If makeup easily shed tears, tears can use cotton swabs to blot, prevent eyeliner too humid influence durability. First draw eye shadow or eyeliner rookie for a long time, this problem should be puzzled some makeup but isn't as complicated as well. If you want to highlight the eyes, emphasizing the look line, can draw the eye shadow; To behave naturally, if you want to be the first draw look line, such as eyeliner dry then sweep on eye shadow! How to keep the eyeliner moist 1, in addition to the line, line of products is also very important. Usually use eyeliner effect will be more durable, not easy to makeup, but it has a disadvantage, eyeliner is too easy to kill. If think eyeliner dry, can drop some olive oil, makeup oil or glycerin into, and then placed in a day or two, eyeliner will wet a lot. , also can eye drops, and then use needle and the paste, that may become wet. First: natural lovely feeling eyeliner suit a crowd: students, light ripe female appropriate occasions: daily, dating the eyeliner look line, on the basis of using the skill of dizzy, the slender eyeliner is originally gentle nature. For girls, the eyeliner can add lovely feeling, make you laugh has slightly raise the radian, failure rate is very low, oh. Make-up steps Step1: first of all should choose soft pen black eyeliner, stomach gently to upper eyelid micro, shun on eyes head outline will look look. Step: and with the trumpet eyeliner brush, eyeliner from the eye to eye end head of the local a little dizzy catch, forming natural dizzy catch. Step3: finally in pink, apricot, or golden pearl eye shadow in the eye socket and the eyelids carry bright, make eyeliner in nature have a type. Second: suit a crowd: the natural and sexy look line light ripe female appropriate occasions: daily, date, party a thin black eyeliner rose slightly, took girls exclusive elegant and confidence, build an impeccable sense of delicate. The Angle of the sketch shoulds not be too ups and downs, let eye end in a natural elegant radian will be more sweet. Make-up steps Step1: using liquid eyeliner pen from the position of the eye head list to depictions of eye end, eyeliner shoulds not be too thick, avoid unnatural. Step: where the eye end slightly upward type along the eyes down and back to hook, the natural elegance occurs easily. Step3: match again with champagne color effect, build up the sexy, reduce the sharp eyes. Someone with best zhongke exposure
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