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Does magnetic eyelash harm eyes?

Does magnetic eyelash harm eyes?


Magnetic eyelashes

Appropriatly wearing magnetic eyelashes won't have harm, the proposal chooses quality magnetic eyelashes.

The principle of magnetic eyelashes is simpler also, the reason that calls magnetic eyelash, because its magnetism phase is attracted, the action that relies on magnetic force occupies attach on eyes, do not need any glue to attach magneic eyelashes, it is relatively safe and reliable for anyone who likes to put on false eyelashes.

Working principle of magnetic eyelashes

It is the first 5D magnetic magic eyelash fiber material, the most advanced thread closing technology.

The lashes are soft, dense, safe and can be used by pregnant women.

Easy operation and fast fitting.

And such magnetic eyelashes feel very firm, waterproof, anti - sweat, anti - take off makeup.

Magnetic eyeliner is very easy to wipe, no residue after makeup removal, no damage to skin!

Magnetic eyelashes
Magnetic eyelash is the thing that pops up newly recently, there are a lot of respects can not be quite understood, also not a lot of people dare not rush to use magnetic eyelashes, magnetic false eyelash and common false eyelash are same, go appropriately clip its length, find the comfortable length when put magnetic eyelashes on eyes.There are a lot of selling fake goods in the market now when it comes to magnetic eyelashes, it is better to find a skilled people to operate, ask those who used magnetic eyelashes, considering not everyone can get used to magnetic eyelashes, and most of the magnetic force without next eyelash, only above eyelash is very thick, the be fond of according to oneself, to paste.If pregnant women want to use magnetic lashes, they should go to see the contraindication, or if they are allergic to such magnetic eyelashes, they should stop using it. The allergy place is near the eyes, and it is very likely that the cornea will be infected by accident.Inferior magnetic false eyelash heavy metal may exceed bid circumstance, must be careful carefully when if you're looking for good quality magnetic eyelashes, professional eyelashes manufacturer is a must, say, Kaisi Co., Ltd.
Magnetic eyelashes
False eyelash is in order to make us look more beautiful with big, bright eyes, long, we aim to have warped eyelash, although magnetic false eyelash is not very big to the harm of eyes, without glue, magnetic eyelashes can be used to decor our eyes and make our eyelashes more charming and attractive, but it is, after all, the new product of false eyelashes, not as popular as glue eyelash, so the technology is not very skilled, it's best to practice how to use and wear, such as practice about we can go to eyes. Better choose quality magnetic eyelahses from experienced eyelashes manufacturer. More info about magnetic eyelashes, stay tuned.
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