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Domestic girl favorite Japanese super cost-effective eyeliner you

by:Kaisi      2020-11-19
Disclaimer: { All copyright belongs to the author. Such as feeling of infringement, please contact another Japan ( n) , we can delete in the first place. Thank you very much! Japan drugstore is a lot of MM not second choice, rich colour makeup color, packaging and lovely, colour is gorgeous, let a person fall in love. Domestic girl favorite Japanese super cost-effective eyeliner is what? Level 1, FlowFushiMote craftsman fine liquid eyeliner pen COSME is great reward. 1 this year, it has three colors to the pursuit of first-class use feeling and build out multi-functional eyeliner. According to the qualitative and the demand of the hardness, combination of four different material of hair, by kumano professional pen craftsmen. Adopted for women is with anise pencil design and hand slip proof, but the outline of natural line steadily. Add no pigmentation formula, away from the dark eye. Add to strengthen sweat resistance, water resistance, resistance sebum, tear resistance formula, can maintain makeup appearance all day. Excellent speed dry, can be repeated superposition sketch, hot water can be discharged net. 2, KissMe kiss me tears very fine liquid eyeliner pen well-known KissMe new liquid eyeliner pen, 0 with elasticity. 1 mm very fine pen design, exquisite and soft, easy colored, forming fast, can easily describe detailed charming fluctuation look line, add the chamomile ingredients, moisturizing ingredients, mild skin protection. New anti-perspiration, prevent sebum durable water resistant polymer formula, makeup effect lasting, not dizzy catch. But ash king such lazy sister hates it discharge makeup to use professional eye lip make-up remover to remove this easily. 3、K - Palette24 hour lasting waterproof not dizzy catch very fine liquid eyeliner pen eyeliner sector this year, NO. 3, in fact, small make up before it winning doesn't like it, but listen to side with sister said, it's easy on the makeup, super waterproof, durable, more speed up dry! Although the super waterproof, but can be easily uninstalled with hot water, reduce the harm to the skin. The tip of the super meticulous, more easily for eye end. 4, DollyWink superfine liquid eyeliner pen very fine liquid eyeliner, quick-drying, durable, good fit, let you beautiful all day also not dizzy catch. More strong thick black let your eyes. Excellent waterproof paint at the same time, that is, with the skin tight adhesion. Strong fast drying, for a whole day's sweat and tears, also don't dizzy catch. Black very fine brush repetition is used to describe the, can let the line more clear, more lasting color. Easy to wash with warm water can be removed easily. 5, kanebo Kate very fine waterproof anticorona shading eyeliner most sister are not oil mixed muscle, appears unavoidably dizzy catch, KANEBOKATE lasting liquid eyeliner pen is very fine, soft design, the tip of quick-drying type, easy to paint a detailed charming fluctuation look line, makes the ultimate charm the electric eye, very fine written easily draw look line, even beginner can control the applicable oh. 6, shiseido Majolicamjorca love mirror eyeliner color saturation and submissive, like a fountain pen design, make you more comfortable when draw look line, the thickness is much easier to control. With waterproof, prevent sweat effect, realizing want to easily draw look line, ideal and want to enjoy all sorts of color. Rotary type turn to control exactly the right amount of liquid eyeliner into the tip. Careful of brush pen, whether it is a very fine line, or the wide and thick eyeliner like a doll, can be as you wish. Good with good grip, wrist is not easy to shake. 7, MSHloveliner liquid eyeliner pen a new generation of upgrade in addition to retain the old product has won high praise deep depicting the smooth feeling, show color chromaticity durability hair UP UP! Is great! Without skilled makeup skills, anyone can easily draw the professional make-up. 0. 1 mm of very fine pen, follow one's inclinations outline of thick eyeliner. New add rich moisturizing ingredients, pay attention to put tear resistance to sweat grease resistance, good simple unloading! 8, Leanani liquid eyeliner pen very fine quick-drying waterproof eyeliner not dizzy catch this paragraph is unique is rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen protein and moisturizing whole muscle composition, at the same time in the makeup of the canthus can moisturize and firm skin. Liquid eyeliner pen reedy to 0. 1 mm, very easy to use, durability, water proofing property is strong, while it has strong water resistance, and good discharge, using ordinary cleansing foam easily uninstalled. 9, CreerBeaute Versailles rose Oscar charm very fine liquid eyeliner pen the eyeliner add unique wild rose essence oil and rose water, at the same time of nourish eyelash elegant fragrance of roses, not only make eyelash full of sheen, its charming sweet atmosphere more ecstatic. Contains patent lipidure repair moisturizing factor, similar to the effect of the plastic wrap to prevent moisture to evaporate, keep the eyelash tender smooth, make the long and roll become warped the effect lasting. Exclusive waterproof membrane fiber, has excellent waterproof effect, can effectively combat the sweat, sebum, truly lasting not dizzy catch. 10 6 eyeliner gel pen, Ettusais silky super waterproof eyeliner gel pen smooth waterproof eyeliner, simple sense is very soft, easy to draw a sharp line, and spin cartridge design, obviate the plane steps, more convenient to use. Unique formula to build very smooth ink and cooperate with spin cartridge design, convenient use, easy to master, zero skills easily inside and outside of painting fall in li eyeliner. Long appreciated by CST deceiving you have treatment good
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