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Eyebrows drawing and skills

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 Com/eyebrow makeup is a personal aura of the perfect makeup, from basic began to learn the ropes, it is relaxed and the prerequisite of makeup look! Eyebrow makeup, looks like a very simple but more than half of the ol people, barren absolutely can't go out every day, so the eyebrow is an important part of introduction to cosmetics, come see eyebrow method editor recommend for you today. Steps/methods to find the eyebrow peak, eyebrow end location of eyebrow end is in the nose and eye end connection extension cord and the eyebrows of the horizontal line of intersection, and then the position of any higher than this standard, if eyebrow end looks less than frown, I will feel very old! Hair streams into the touchpad began to describe why grow up above ( The front) , and grow down ( After paragraph) Start painting eyebrows intersection to no more than, no more than the eyebrows eyebrow end ah. Eyebrow in the - — Eyebrow end to draw the lower edge of the eyebrows to paint edge on the basis of no more than the outline of eyebrow, than the outer shrinkage within 1 ~ 2 mm is the writing position, also with eyebrow central as a starting point, has been on the eyebrow end so far. Bottom edge of the eyebrow end is trimmed with a shallow painting eyebrows contour, can be found that long, down the long tail qi mei, with small scissors Angle can clip the arc very smoothly. Fill up with eyebrow powder on the upper and lower edge is thick eyebrows, with eyebrow powder method, make up the middle no coloring, to forward, reverse painted color evenly. Lighter color eyebrow powder paint above outline of the eyebrows and the eyebrow end, outside in the outline above shallow color eyebrow powder gently, can make the shallow deep under the stereo feeling. Eyebrows must be light the eyebrows weak place should be on his brow, use a light point of eyebrow powder brush, dip after powder on the surface paper first shake, powder amount would be just right. Brush on dye cream front-end to eyebrow eyebrow end to dyeing cream, eyebrow first half down the hair streams from down to up, down on the second half of the down hair streams by brush, brush after all along once is done! Dye brush eyebrow paste can not directly go up, too thick lumps on the eyebrows, on surface of paper first touched off a bit, meticulous brush a few times will be more natural.
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