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Eyelashes grow on the anterior lip of the eyelid, arranged in 2-3 rows, short and curved. Eyelashes on the upper eyelid are many and long in length, usually 100-150, with an average length of 8-12mm, growing slightly forward and curved upward.

In general, 79.8% of the upper eyelid hair is 110 to 130 degrees in men and 83.5% is 140 to 160 degrees when eyes are closed. Women and men are roughly the same. Eyelashes have protective effects.

Lower eyelid eyelashes is short and few, about 50-75 roots, length about 6-8mm, slightly forward and lower curve.

When the lower eyelash of male eyelid is horizontal, it is 100-120 degrees, and the female is 10 degrees smaller than the male. When closed, the upper and lower lashes are not interlaced.

The eyelashes in the central part of the upper and lower eyelids are longer and more numerous, and the inner canthus is the shortest.

Eyelash hair follicle nerve rich, so eyelashes are very sensitive, touch eyelashes can cause instant reaction.

There are sweat glands and sebaceous glands around the hair follicle, and their excretion tubes open in the ciliary hair follicle.

Lashes are generally darker than the hair and do not turn white with age (a few senile ciliary cashes can occasionally be seen), but they can also become white due to certain diseases such as albinism.

Eyelashes are protective.The eyelashes on the upper and lower palpebral margin line up at the palpebral fissure edge is like a platoon guard. Eyelash, it is the second line of defense of the eye. Anything is close to an eye, should come up against eyelash above all, cause close eye reflex thereby immediately, protect eyeball not to suffer exorbitant encroachment.

With shading, eyelashes are to prevent dust, foreign matter, sweat into the eye, together with the eyelid to protect the cornea, eyeball. Eyelashes also protect your eyes from uv damage. Eyelashes have the shortest life in hair, with an average life of 3-5 months. 

They are constantly updated. A developing eyelash can grow 1-2mm after being removed in a week, which can reach the original length after about 10 weeks.Children have the longest and most curvy lashes. In daily life, common a few parents pull out eyelash for infant, with the hope grows black and bright eyelash, this kind of practice has no scientific basis,which can cause the accident such as infection even sometimes, and destroy hair follicle, cause eyelash to be absent.

Slender, curved, black, flashing and vibrant eyelashes to the eye, so that the whole face is beautiful

It plays an important role. The eyelashes are arranged in a semicircle. Eyelash can foil the outline that shows an eye, add the verve of the eye. The upper eyelashes are longer and denser than the lower ones.

With black bright, slightly upturned for the United States, it has become an important part of the human face, especially women's facial modification.

Accordingly, people often uses besmear eyelash creams, glue false eyelash, roll eyelash and double eyelid to wait for a method to beautify go up eyelash with false eyelashes.

The lower eyelashes are short and sparse and curve downward. Sometimes also eyelashes can draw the means such as eyelash line or article eyeliner to make up for eyelash thin inadequacy, show the outline of the eye better thereby.

For those who suffer from trachoma, can cause "trichiasis", make eyelash inside turn stab to eyeball, damage cornea, this needs to have an operation for correction.

Eyelash transplant

The doctor first takes out the healthy hair follicle tissue of the occiput through microsurgery, and then after special separation of hair follicle tissue, finally transplant the hair follicle to the ciliary part of the eye. After the hair follicle survives, it will grow new eyelashes naturally, keep all the characteristics of the original hair, and the original eyelashes will die.


Women should avoid menstruation.

Patients with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or other visceral diseases should not do.

Severe scarring is not recommended.

Cold, fever is not appropriate to do.

The person with unhealthy psychology, mental illness should not be done, otherwise the conflict that may cause operation effect and imagination to differ.

Eyelash tips

The cilia skills

Extra long eyelashes complete tips manual

If you could choose the most feminine and feminine part of your body, what would you choose?

Eyelashes, of course, but look at the masterstroke that can help you add a touch of feminine glamour. There are nine things you need to know to become a master of the all-too-familiar mascara.

Color mascara to use correctly 3W

Who, when and where are the three elements of news. How to use all kinds of mascara correctly is also very suitable

The most commonly used black mascara is suitable for daytime use, playing a basic brightening eyes, increase the visual effect of the eyes;

Blue mascara has a dark, reflective quality under light, ideal for evening parties.

Brown eyelash creams suit skin tone and the person with lighter hair color, won't produce heavy feeling;

Gold mascara is the best way to brighten up your look for parties. To avoid exaggeration, highlight a few eyelashes instead of applying all gold.

Other if gules, purple wait for warm color to move eyelash creams, the skin color that matches with Oriental and pupil color rise contrast is not strong enough, unless be matched with dress and make up, do not use easily otherwise.

Slender + dense, the use of the two functions

Now has this kind of set two functions in the integration of mascara, mascara, but you must be more than a hand when you want to use with the mascara collocation of two kinds of different functions, make eyelash is thick and long, you should use encryption mascara first, because it is the composition of oil and wax is more, can bold eyelash diameter, completely dry after appearing, such as using the long mascara, long eyelash to cream the fiber composition, first to use easy to cause adhesion.

Electric eyelashes, eyelashes grafting and mascara

Both are "cosmetic surgery" to help eyelashes become more dreamy. Instead of using eyelash curlers, apply mascara directly, but the eyelashes are more fragile, so be sure to use an anti-sensitive makeup remover.

Artificial eyelashes are a quick and convenient way to make your eyelashes beautiful. As artificial fibers are used to stick to your eyelashes, try not to use mascara.

Ingredients in mascara can react with the fibres, and removing the make-up can cause the implanted false eyelashes to fall out.

The residual value of the old mascara

If a mascara has been unsealed a few times but has passed its sell-by date, don't use it for lashes, but there's no need to throw it away. It's a great way to brush your eyebrows.

Because paste body is drier, need not worry eyebrow is besmeared black one, let eyebrow filar silk instead very tangible.

If you're running out of mascara, clean your brush as a post-mascara "comb" works great!

What color mascara to use when you have dark circles?

Before besmear eyelash creams want to carry on modification to black rim of the eye above all, choose a few concealer pen that is dedicated to modifying black rim first, next choose eyelash cream again, do not choose brunet eyelash creams at this moment, can make whole eye makeup in that way faint.

Brown or blue mascara to lighten your eyes and distract from dark circles is a good choice.

Do you want to apply it to your lower lashes?

Only apply lashes without applying lashes, is it a very unprofessional performance?

It's not that absolute.

At the same time besmear upper and lower eyelash, can increase the stereo feeling of eye ministry, make the eye looks big and have a mind, if cooperate again the tracing of eyeliner, can look more formal, makeup look thicker, suit to attend an activity in the evening.

If you go to work or travel and want your makeup to look natural and fresh, you can choose not to wear eyelashes

Glasses vs. mascara

To highlight beautiful eyelash, choose rimless frame lens as far as possible.

Choose to encrypt when besmear eyelash, build thick effect is good, too long eyelash resembles instead "wiper" sweep influence line of sight on lens.

If your glasses have a border, make sure the frame color doesn't clash with the eyelashes. For example, black frames can be paired with dark lashes, gold frames can be paired with black or brown lashes, and silver frames can be paired with blue lashes.

A far less

The high-tech composition of mascara, material, perfect brush head provided material foundation only for us, and want clever pen to be born flower to need a few skill.

Starting at the root with repeated strokes, or applying a little force to the tips of the lashes, can make all the difference.

Do you want to:

Thicker: The thicker the mascara, the thicker the lashes will look.

Start at the root and pull down and up.

Each had finished

Each time, use a clean eyelash brush or comb to separate each eyelash from the root to prevent clumping.

Apply mascara two or three more times in the same way.

But be careful, make sure to apply mascara a second time before it dries out.

Longer: Apply twice, comb the eyelashes before the mascara is dry each time, and apply twice more on the tip of the eyelashes to lengthen the eyelash.

Thicker: To make your lashes look thicker, brush your lashes gently around the base of your lashes to cover them with more mascara for a fuller look, then pull them up.

Sexier: To make your lashes look sexier, use a mascara brush and apply it directly from the bottom to the top, along the curve of your lashes, once.

Such method can make eyelash looks a bit blurred and messy, reflect proper sex appeal between wink.

"Eyelash grafting"

"Grafting eyelashes" is a fantastic effect that can be achieved without mascara

It's every woman's dream to achieve a dreamlike effect without having to wear mascara every day, and now it can finally come true.

"Grafting eyelashes" is the way to do it: glue a certain length of artificial fiber to each of your lashes one by one, so that your lashes become thick, long and curly.

Want to be thick: Each eyelash is "grafted" with a fiber, so the whole thing looks thick.

If its eyelashes are sparse, it needs to be glued twice. The second time is to glue false eyelashes again on the first false eyelashes, but do not ask for too much busyness, so it looks lost sense of reality, and the contrast with the lower eyelashes is too strong.

Hope fine long: eyelash itself is very close person can need not encrypt too much again, as long as every lie apart his eyelash sticks an artificial fiber, choose relatively long fiber to be able to achieve the result of fine long.

Hope to roll become warped: the artificial fiber that USES grafting eyelash is divided into two kinds to roll become warped radian: nature rolls become warped and special warped, if you hope eyelash looks very warped, can choose the man-made fiber that rolls become warped radian is very big beforehand.

The philosophy of glamour eyelashes

If you could choose only one kind of cosmetics, what would you choose?

Someone had done such investigation, result overwhelming majority female chose eyelash creams, it is powders.

In fact, no matter it is single eyelid, mini eye, short eyelash or sparse eyelash, these problems can be solved with a good mascara, bright and prominent eyes can also line a delicate and meticulous face shape. Even if you're a lazy beauty on a summer's day, don't forget to put some thought into creating eyelashes that will "discharge".

eyelashes tips

How to make your eyelashes longer and thicker?

4 steps make curl become warped eyelash

Eyelash curlers are not to be ignored

Choose carefully: want to have long become warped again such eyelash, the first step wants to have a suit your eye model to use eyelash to clip namely.

From material cent, at present the eyelash clip on the market has plastic material to pledge and stainless steel material to pledge two kinds.

The eyelash curler made of plastic material is light and easy to carry, but the eyelash curler is not strong enough. It is suitable for people who are traveling and have soft eyelashes and like natural curl.

The intensity that stainless steel pledges eyelash to clip is bigger than plastic, gently clip can make eyelash nature rolls become warped, but cannot fold collect, suit hair is harder, like eyelash apparent roll become warped crowd to use.

From the part of use, eyelash curler generally has traditional eyelash curler, local eyelash curler and special eyelash curler for lower eyelashes.

Ordinary eyelash curler is every beauty lover must beauty makeup props;

Local eyelash curler is specially used for eye head, eye tail and other traditional eyelash curler can not take into account the corner position;

Under eyelash special eyelash curler suits under eyelash long but the person that rise.

Comprehensive cleanness: want to increase the service life of eyelash curler, clean step must not save.

After use, the first use of paper eyelash curler on the arc iron piece remaining mascara or dirt, from inside to outside all clean, even the lower edge of iron piece should be carefully wiped clean;

Then dip cotton stick in eye and lip makeup remover, dissolve the dirt on the rubber strip and clean it, and finally wipe the rest of the metal parts with tissue paper again.

Regular change: eyelash clip in addition to pay attention to clean, eyelash clip inside the elastic soft tape also want to pay attention to timely change, eyelash clip sometimes can not eyelash clip like peacock open screen like roll become warped even, is actually because of elastic tape tired or has broken, after the normal change will be improved.

Mascara philosophy

Save: Generally speaking, mascara should be used up within 3 months after opening, otherwise when besmear

The eyelashes are easily tangled, resulting in fly legs.

Pay attention to the sealing of mascara to prevent it from drying out due to excessive contact with the air, and keep it in a cool place after each application.

Use: Brush the head gently on the tube before use to prevent excessive eyelash solution.

When brushing eyelash, should use hand assistant to prop open eyelid, prevent the dizzy dye that causes because of blink of an eye.

Want to wait for the first mascara to dry later brush the second layer again, otherwise easy tangle.

Fix: If the mascara touches your eyelid and creates a black spot, wait a few minutes until it dries and gently peel off the excess using your hand or cotton swab.

If be contaminated with the eyelash cream that goes up to eyelid to show strip, affect the eye shadow that had drawn seriously, can dip in with a cotton stick take less and less emulsion, wipe off the trace of eyelash creams, brush on a bit honey powder with eye shadow next, fill eye shadow afresh.

The 9 step law that clip coils become warped eyelash

You've already applied mascara, but your lashes aren't long enough?

Not curly enough?

Not too thick?

That is because your eyelash brush technique is not skillful enough, the technique also needs to be strengthened oh!

Don't be discouraged!

Practice makes perfect ~, draw a few times to be able to master the key point naturally!

Step 1. Fold the eyelashes in three sections

Look down, eyelash curler should be put close to the position of eyelash root, hand from eye end to eye head cent 3 clip become warped, when clip should be lifted slightly up.

Step 2. Lower eyelashes should also be clamped!

Look up and curl your eyelashes behind your back.

Lower eyelash is more sparse, the action should be more careful slight oh!

Step 3: Brush mascara from the bottom

Apply mascara at the end of your eyelashes first, and then at the root. It can protect your eyelashes and make your eyelashes longer.

Step 4: Brush mascara from the top

Lashes on the way a lot of beauty easy to ignore the part.

Start at the top and apply the mascara to the bottom.

Step 5 brush the eyelashes at the end of the eye

Novice, the proposal chooses to brush the eyelash with smaller head cream, divide eyelash before and after two paragraph, brush eyelash from the eye end first cream.

Step 6 brush lashes at the top of your eyes

Go up again the eyelash of part of eye head, brush on eyelash creams when, the root should press a bit forcibly, just have the effect that changes become warped!

Step 7. Brush your eyelashes

Brush the lashes from the base to the end as well, or use the mascara vertically.

Step8, such as mascara dry, then use eyelash curler curler eyelash, can make the curl of eyelashes more beautiful oh!

Step 9 use an eyelash brush to comb through the lashes

Use an mascara brush to remove clumps or tangles and lift them up to make your eyes more attractive.

Practical curling eyelash curler

Eyelash when the key of makeup look, even if you do not make up as long as besmear eyelash creams can show the elegant demeanour of attractive eye.

Create bold eyes with eyelash curler & transparent mascara

Use eyelash curlers and transparent mascara to create eye-catching eyelashes with natural makeup!

Start from the root, divide 3 steps, curl eyelash seriously become warped.

1. Slightly lower jaw, elbow downwards, eyelash curler and eyelid natural fit, clamp from the root.

2, slightly recover the jaw, lift the elbow, in the root, the center, the tip of the clip bending sequence.

3, the brush parallel to adhere to the lower part of the eyelash, the first left and right activities, and then from the root began to brush up.

Take the tips:

Curl becomes warped the feeling can enlarge eye area, but besmear too much or it is to use the paste of plump and dense type, can be too heavy and warped not to rise!

Guide to 4 kinds of eyelash curlers

Now the eyelash curler on the market can be roughly divided into four categories, ordinary eyelash curler, electric eyelash curler, the antibacterial plastic eyelash curler that suits sensitive skin and the local eyelash curler that is specific to eye head and eye tail.

Ordinary eyelash curler

The most common eyelash clip, metallic quality of a material is more easy to use, also have plastic, rubber mat is one of the important standards that choose.

Electric eyelash curler

Electric preheat, automatically make eyelashes to achieve natural bending, quick and convenient, lasting effect, but use the time to be careful, do not iron the eyelid.

Antibacterial plastic eyelash curler

It is said to prevent eye infections and is suitable for women with sensitive skin.

Local eyelash curler

Very small, especially suitable for eyelashes that are not easy to clip at the end of eyes.

Guide to bushy Kitsch mascara

A. When using an eyelash curler

★ Must be in the state of clean eyelashes curling eyelashes, dust or residual liquid eyelashes will cause damage or break eyelashes.

★ Don't always clip eyelash end volume, the best eyelash clip to eyelash root and then clamped tight, so won't break the eyelash hair tip, and curl become warped effect.

★ Eyelashes were clamped to maintain 10 seconds or so to become a "shape", if the curl is not ideal can be repeated clip.

★ Curling eyelashes must be before applying mascara, because coated eyelash liquid eyelashes are hard and quite, with eyelash curler curling easily make eyelashes injured and broken.

★ For better eyelash protection, clean your eyelashes before applying mascara during the day and at night

After the hair solution, apply a little moisturizer to the lashes.

B. When choosing mascara

☆ Eyes should be safe and harmless, no irritation, after use accidentally into the eyes, there will be no tingling.

☆ Due to moderate gloss, use eyelash color deep, glossy, produce better beauty effect.

☆ Paste uniform fine, moderate viscosity, more easy to brush adhesion uniform, the use of eyelashes unchanged hard, not agglomerated.

☆ Dry not stick to the eyelid, not afraid of sweat, tears, rain wet.


FAQs of eyelashes


Question: How long and painless does a hair transplant take?

Answer: the hair transplant operation is generally completed under local anesthesia, so to speak, the operation pain is basically not much, postoperative pressure dressing, and the same treatment as the general wound, the patient can go home after the operation.

But the whole operation takes a long time, usually about three hours.

The main reason is that it takes a long time to separate the hair into a single hair follicle or a very small hair embryo, and the transplantation is carried out by a single hair follicle or a very small hair embryo.


Question: New eyelash growth cycle?

A: A normal scalp contains an average of 90,000 to 140,000 mature hairs and more small hairs and undetectable hairs.

The growth of the hair and replace is to show periodic, the growth cycle of normal hair can cent grows period, regressive period and rest period 3 stages, in growing period, the hair grows from hair follicle base to come out, and can grow continuously 2-4 years, till be grown completely;

This is followed by a degenerative period of 2-4 weeks, during which active hair growth ceases.

The last is the rest period, which lasts about three months, after which hair begins to fall out.

Then a new hair begins to grow and repeat another growth cycle, each person's hair is often in different stages of the growth cycle, shedding and growth in dynamic balance, on average every day about 100 hair shed, but at the same time there are the same number of normal hair into the growth period.

Three months after the operation, new hair began to grow, and half a year later, the initial results can be seen.

As a result of the particularity of hair growth, because this transplantable brow needs regular trim, lest too long affect beautiful.


Question: take hair place can you be affected?

A: The scalp has the same elasticity as the skin of other parts of the human body. The width of the scalp should be within 2cm at one time, which can be directly closed and sutured.

From the micro point of view, take the average hair spacing around the hair area slightly increased, but the general fur is hidden, the appearance of the basic can not be seen.

But intuitively, you don't see any obvious difference.

Especially after hair grows long, cover from top to bottom, do not affect appearance at all.

The same truth, after a certain period of time, but also repeatedly take wool, two, three, even four, five times.

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