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Eyelash grafting, common sense you have to know!

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
With the popularity of eyelash grafting, more and more people have abandoned the false eyelash and mascara. Look line also need not draw a bottom out at ordinary times, jiongjiongweishen eyes. Today many love beautiful girls are choosing eyelash grafting by small make up for the popularization of grafting eyelash basic common sense. Now the wind blows more and more fierce domestic beauty solution from many friend waiting to have also begun to succumb to but you know what? Actually summer is more suitable for grafting eyelashes! See summer together beautiful eyelash below what are the benefits: sweat no longer afraid of dizzy makeup spent a lot of time to dress up to go out, trace good eyeliner brush the eyelash, the results haven't started to dizzy makeup to dating site. Do you have the feeling is very familiar with this scene, especially the girl whom the outermost layer of skin, easy oil is a nightmare, sweaty summer so when eyelash is connected not dizzy makeup, really is sorching summer ! Avoid eye problem, reduce the burden of makeup girl often use eyelash creams, if it is easy to cause pigmentation with incomplete discharge makeup, as well as the eye week skin problems. But easier makeup makeup, eye as difficult area of discharge makeup, a lot of makeup girl said for a long time there are black marks. And after grafting eyelash can be exempted from home every day too tired to not have to discharge makeup and subsequent problems. Solution 'hand residual star man' hands for star rookie or hand residual makeup, false eyelashes, brush mascara, eyeliner such skills are really than ascend day also difficult! And often appear a situation is just buy mascara also useless had killed a few times, money wasted, but there was no beauty on a few back. After beautiful eyelash can easily make a barbie big eye, cost-effective and worry. How to make grafting eyelashes longer in summer? In the summer, because of the weather, the majority of people's skin will be frequent oil sweating, if there is no clear in time the eyes of grease, eyelash is easy to fall off. So: after each grafting eyelash, three hours to avoid contact with water, such as bathing shampoo; Within 48 hours to avoid exposure to water vapor, such as fitness, sweat evaporate. If you are oily skin, and is used to make up, so please carry paper of oil absorption face. Can feel the skin give oil, with oil absorption or wet paper towel gently wipe the eye skin, keep fresh and clean. In normal skin care or cosmetic, use eye cream, sunscreen, segregation frost, don't stand too close to the eyelashes, so as to avoid improper cleaning oil accumulation, eyelash falls off. In daily cleaning in the morning and evening, to properly wash the eyelashes, but efforts to moderate, especially can not energetically knead. Water is the best way to light sprinkle, blot moisture after washing a face, use eyelash brush can open again. If your eyelashes and become very messy, remember not to pull with the hand, otherwise, not only the eyelash grafting will be pulling down, natural lashes will be pulled apart or cause drag mark. You can use eyelash brush from the root ministry of eyelash to tail comb through. The main cause of the fall out after grafting eyelash: many MM after grafting, find true lashes less and less, is the cause of the grafting products or technique? In fact, the main reason, or for the sake of keeping time is too long, blindly requirements keep time, it is easy to result in clogged pores, pore not breathing normally, it is easy to create true eyelash falls off phenomenon of large area so, love beautiful MMS, small make up recommend, grafting eyelash only stay in our best within 28 days of the normal metabolism of human body, removing the redo, namely so clean pores without oh ~ grafting eyelash eyelash of less than you have to know less than a: grafting eyelash is mostly used in so-called imported from Japan and South Korea, but in fact are generally businessmen find their own sources. Some eyelash is animal hair, not thoroughly disinfected, it is easy to affect eye health and cause eye irritation. However, choose our accer ding of the products will not have the anxiety. Less than 2: grafting eyelash glue is used when there are a lot of hidden trouble, a lot of 'dirty' businessman to make money, reduce costs, to use super glue, such as the 502, visible to the eye damage is great. Choose our false eyelash glue also won't have this problem. Less than three: due to the false eyelash began stick on own really eyelash root, so wash a face or sleeping, is very trouble. Especially the women's eye skin is very sensitive, touching the eyes a little, will feel very pain, want to cry feeling. As to want to make up the MM of don't want to more, eye makeup, especially line draw is very painful, discharge more painful, oil adhesion in the gap in the eyelashes and arduous after washing, will find that the eyes into the rabbit eyes. After watching these you still want to go to grafting eyelash? Small make up remind you the MM, women, the heart of the solution from every man has to choose the right way. No matter how good grafting, there will be no growth of natural eyelashes beauty!
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