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Eyelash growth liquid

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Eyelash growth liquid containing enzymes 'EPM is composed of 10,' is part of the formation of human tissue protein, can make hair cells and tissue formation, activate the dormancy of the secondary follicle germ organization at the same time, to restore in the resting phase of the hair follicle cells into puberty split appreciation level and stimulate eyelash to grow quickly. Internal ingredients eyelash growth liquid is by the enzyme 'EPM', distilled liquid, hair follicle growth factors such as function: can be used in the manufacture of hair cells and form groups. To activate the secondary dormancy. L germs raw wool bursa organization, make eyelash grow fast. Scarce applicable people eyelash eyelash growth liquid, short eyelashes and after illness or postpartum an eyelash. At the end of 2006, the United States 30, the company produced a in the treatment of glaucoma, one of the ingredients than other amine, discovered by accident can make eyelash growth, therefore, a lot of cosmetics company with 'than other amine production' eyelash growth liquid. But 30, said in a statement, then Lumigan ( Lu beauty root) Ophthalmic will have other side effects, let an eye redness, itching, etc. , and the resulting ophthalmic eyelash growth doesn't last. Big hot a year later, the British and American medicine administration warned: use too much than other amine can lead to optic nerve injury, may lead to decreased vision and even blindness, moreover also can cause swelling of the retina and eye irritation. How to increase 1, vitamin E: will apply vitamin E on the base of the eyelashes, can nourish eyelash, promote eyelash growth, become thick long. 2, olive oil, actually said to the olive oil, but also for the role of vitamin E in olive oil, can make eyelash growth. Mechanism leading role: to promote cilia eyebrows to normal growth, improve the symptoms of hair follicle development don't dash, make eyelash, longer due to the hair follicle tissue cilia eyebrows are at the bottom of the circulation of blood, the body of a variety of physiological and pathological reasons can cause the cilia eyebrows hair follicle tissue cell nutrition supply, this is the most one of the main causes of nasociliary sparse eyebrows. 1, thoroughly clean the face before sleeping, unplug eyelash, cap clockwise eyelash the tip of the pen, causes the liquid infiltration into the brush, brush the eyelash fluid gently daub is on the root ministry of eyelash. After the daub, use a brush to brush a brush up eyelash, make eyelash curling upwards. Stick to use every day, so that effect is better. 2, each spin eyelash barrel don't rotate too much, just squeeze out a little, or liquid will drop out; To avoid the liquid drops in the eye; If, in the eye can clean with clear water. 3, after use, do not turn the eyelash pen, immediately eyelash cover tightly cap, in case of volatile liquid in the pen. Eyebrows growth plant essence fluid to use reference as above. Main function editing promote eyelash to normal growth, improve hair follicle development dash symptoms, make eyelash, longer, and effectively prevent bacterial infection, the use effect of eyelash growth liquid when continuous use eyelash growth liquid 20 days or so, will feel eyelashes have become dense, longer; Continue to use you will see more and more dense, more become warped! And grow eyelash won't change length along with the fall of the metabolism. The side effects of eyelash growth liquid eyelash growth liquid no side effect and is safe and effective! Such as the eyes, no harm, but suggested that clean immediately. Usage and matters needing attention of eyelash growth liquid besmear eyelash growth liquid, best besmear root oh, coated in a neat line oh, Is probably part of the usual eyeliner! ) Because of the long eyelash effect is very good oh. Apply neatly, long is neat, tu wrong will wrong. Don't apply too much, much more is easy to get the inside of the eye. When besmear eyelash besmear eyelash root Suggestions narrowed his eyes. From the above brush head gently and evenly in the root, so not in the eye. Back and forth, 2 - More than 3 times, the easy in my eyes! Besmear next eyelash attention to appropriate dosage, need to brush head next eyelash root gently sweep, don't apply to the eyelid. If the coating process, get the eyelid with eyelid, with paper towel. The principle editors 1. Eyelash growth liquid principle: eyelash growth liquid contains a call EPM, is composed of 10, is a part of human tissue protein, it can produce hair cells and form of organization, germs can activate dormant hair follicle tissue at the same time, the rapid growth of eyelashes. 2. Choose your eyelash growth liquid first to see the price, too cheap to buy, common saying says no good cheap goods, eyelash growth liquid is to use around the eyes, the eyes is very fragile, so take special care with it, I would rather not do not use defective goods are the principles of the. 3. Second to see its ingredients, that contain the growth of the chemical liquid is best not to use, in some cases may have some effect, but that at the expense of the damage to our health. The growth of the proposal chooses some herbal formula liquid, sometimes may work a little more slowly, but health is harmless. 1 note editor. Be careful not to brush to the other parts should not be, also may grow out maomao! Such as eyelid or canthus, besmear when touched with a paper towel or if the swab erased! 2. Those who wear glasses should be unloaded mirror first, then daub, after waiting for 15 minutes and then wear, lest reduce effect. If you want to have the best use effect, every night before bed, must be used after continuous use, your eyelash will become longer and more thick, but also will grow more and more eyelash, make your eyes attractive glamour, let your life to change. Every night after unloading all eye makeup, the tip of the the root ministry of eyelash to carefully, sweep on eyelash growth liquid evenly and dosage should be appropriate, don't get the eyelid with eyes.
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