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Eyelashes grafting

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Eyelashes graft - — Eyelash beautiful degree by now women friends gradually. Can have a long and dense eyelash is coveted by the vast majority of female friends. Now this kind of expect also because eyelash grafting technology ( The cilia) The emergence of, and become no longer is difficult. Today to learn together! Chinese grafting eyelash to mass grafting surgery used in cosmetic problems like eyelash sex editor everyone can grafting eyelash grafting eyelash, of course, also want to see you the eyelash of innate quality itself. If your eyelash was dense, roll become warped, the eyelash to effect is very good. After grafting eyelash, not only the thick, roll become warped and will increase a lot, at the same time also will be very natural and comfortable. If are inherently less roll become warped eyelash short and can try transplant hair follicles. Grafting eyelashes ( 4) Grafting eyelash can maintain how long? This is each eyelash grafting female friends will be thinking of problem. Eyelash although it is always so short, in fact, it is also grow, at the same time accompanied by falls off phenomenon. At ordinary times in the face or some MM have the action of rubbing your eyes, let fall out. Typically, grafting eyelash can maintain to about a month and a half to two months. Color selection edit false eyelashes, of course, have a color can be selected. Society is more and more open, many women can bold try other different colors of eyelash, so false eyelash also have purple, black, pink and brown. These mixed with black eyelash eyelash to itself with us, but his eyelashes don't need to dyeing!
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