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false eyelash

false eyelash


In this article, as one of professional eyelashes manufacturers taking the lead in this industry, Kaisi Co., Ltd. will walk you through full introduction to false eyelash. More info about eyewear prododuct, stay tuned.

False eyelashes are artificial eyelashes used to beautify eyes. They are used to have eyes lengthened and thickened to make eyes look bigger, brighter, fuller and more attractive. False eyelashes have a long history, dating back as far as 2000 BC in Ancient Egyptian and Roman documents.

False eyelashes are made of plastic, cotton, feather and other materials, and if false eyelashes manufacturer uses different materials to produce false eyelashes, the results will be different (e.g., exaggerated stage effect).

False eyelashes are one type of beauty product.

Artistic design for eyes, eyelashes between the stir to show the spirit of the temperament, specially designed to transparent, the color of the eyelashes will be a complete shot on the face.

A lot of fashionable lady like to beautify their eye with false eyelash, correct use can make the eye lovely.

Artificial false eyelashes can be used to beautify the eyes on a daily basis to make the eyes lovely, but also can be used to create a variety of stage effects.

Classification of false eyelashes:

Based on workmanship, false eyelashes could be divided into manual eyelashes, half manual eyelashes, mechanical eyelashes.

Handmade eyelashes: pure handmade, one by one eyelash silk up, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. But the process is complex and the output is limited by labor.

Semi-manual eyelashes: the first few procedures are made by machine, and the second two procedures are also made manually. The finished eyelashes are relatively smooth and good-looking.

Mechanical eyelashes: Mostly made by machine, but a few are made by hand.

The products are beautiful in appearance, low in cost and large in output.

Rag Doll eyelashes, film eyelashes, artificial eyelashes, holiday hair, eyelashes.

Doll eyelash: it is the eyelash that makes doll wait for toy doll to use, thick and short and lovely.

Film eyelashes: after wearing, the three-dimensional sense of the eyes is very obvious, suitable for photography makeup, stage makeup, etc.

Artificial eyelashes: It is a kind of eyelashes with unique design and individuality. It is made of real eyelashes, which are longer and thicker than others. It is suitable for drama, stage performance or special makeup.

Holiday eyelashes: Halloween, Ghost Festival, Mardi Gras, football festival, etc.

According to the material, artificial eyelash mainly divided into: fiber eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, animal hair eyelashes, feather eyelashes, metallic colorful eyelashes, paper eyelashes.

Divided by style: exaggeration, daily, industrial use.


Trim off eyelashes that are too long at the end of the false eyelashes to match the radian and length of the eyes;

Apply an appropriate amount of eyelash glue evenly to the root and let it stand for 20 seconds to maximize the stickiness.

Follow the root of eyelashes, press the eye head, eye and eye tail to fit the real eyelashes, and adjust the eye shape with small tweezers before the eyelash gel is completely dry.

With eyelash curler will be true false eyelash gently clamped together, the force can not be too large, true false eyelash separation will let the eyes weaken;

Choose long brush mascara to fit the real eyelashes closely;

Use eyeliner to fill up between the real and false eyelashes, and then adjust the eye shape to depict completely.


Coming next is about some eyelashes application tips from Kaisi, one of top eyelash manufacturers in China:

1.Every time after the use of false eyelashes should be according to the left and right eye (eye head short eye tail long) stick back to the collection box.

2. There is glue above the used false eyelashes, you can borrow a bit of his stickiness to stick back to the collection box, the next time you use and then remove the glue.

3. If glue is attached to the hair part of eyelashes, wet it with cotton swab and gently remove it. Please handle with care and do not overexert yourself.

4. Since this product is made of 100% natural hair, the wet and dry process will make the hair become frizz. Please use with care to minimize The Times of contact with water.

How to handpick best false eyelashes?

Generally speaking, make different choices false eyelashes,according to eye shape.

For rounder eyes, opt for long false eyelashes in the middle.

For innocent or feminine eye makeup, opt for elongated eyelashes at the ends of your eyes.

Daily lighter makeup look is about to choose natural money, not too dense.

The stem of false eyelash shouldnt be perfect hard or too soft, the degree is medium had better stick, suit new life most.

If it is online shopping, you should first consult the hardness of stalks, generally good quality and reputation of the popular style, it is very comfortable to use false eyelashes. 

If you're sourcing for wholesale eyelashes supplies? Welcome to contact eyelashes supplier, Kaisi Co., Ltd. for free sample.


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