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【 False eyelash 】 Grafting false eyelashes how many money? Grafting eyelash can maintain how long?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-19
Many love beautiful women all want to own can be long, become warped eyelash, for this reason, many women choose to grafting false eyelash. So, grafting eyelash need how many money? Grafting after MAO can maintain how long? Together and see it! Grafting false eyelashes how many money? In our daily life at ordinary times many in order to make your eyelashes longer and thicker, without makeup look better when you go to grafting eyelash, grafting eyelash is very popular with everyone's love and. Grafting is safe, false eyelash for grafting is sticky, without risk, but time is not long. Grafting is 50 or so commonly. Can keep 3 months, grafting and eyes are very beautiful, but not comfortable, itchy eyes, don't rub eyes, knead a fell fast not ah. Look at the grade of the store, at present there are hundreds of grafting eyelashes, once there are and. Grafting eyelashes to about 50. False eyelash, of course, have a color can be selected. Society is more and more open, many women can bold try other different colors of eyelash, so false eyelash also have purple, black, pink and brown wait for all sorts of color. These mixed with black eyelash eyelash to itself with us, but his eyelashes don't need to dyeing! Grafting eyelash can maintain how long? Look at what price do you grafting eyelash, if it is a good point, maybe can stay a month or so. But there are some disadvantages. 1, eyelash, after all, not their own, over time, slowly drops, and since you are stuck on your eyelashes, drop when your eyelash will fall together, very hurt eyelashes. 2, grafting eyelash quality if not pass, hard texture, drops to the eyes is very great harm to the eyes. 3, keep the time is not long, fall after your eyelash also can become sparse, actually do more harm than good. Kind of eyelash is not a lifetime, is a timeliness, a couple of weeks almost lose the effects of the original, and many people to find the own eyelashes becomes very strange, this is not evenly off part of the cause of false eyelash. Is usually a month or so, no false eyelash for about 3 months!
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