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【 False eyelash 】 How to make false eyelash super easy

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Guide language: false eyelash is modelling tool, especially in the photo shoots, false eyelash will make eyes much more attractive. We have six tips for you, make false eyelash is simple, with these tips, you can also become 'skilled' wear false eyelashes. The right trim the right clip is a kind of false eyelash 'in his hand is too short, wear on the eyes too long', the eyelash longest among, both sides a bit shorter, usually ranging from 5 mm to 10 mm length. Want to put on a false eyelash after look natural, length can't be too exaggerated, width should be suitable for your eyes. Measure the length and width for false eyelash, if too long, with a small scissors minus some. Remember trim the length of time, also want to keep the original radian, or one size fits all his eyelashes, and looks too fake; Trim width, will be cut off eye head and eye end a long, don't just cut off a head of spare parts. Oil absorption of oil absorption of oil will make difficult to fixed false eyelash, if you are oily skin, can be a bit problem when worn. Before wearing false eyelashes with oil absorption will clean up the grease of the eyelids, or in the upper eyelid and a layer of transparent powder. Bonus tip: if you want to use false eyelashes, so don't use when discharge makeup oil discharge makeup product, so as not to affect the second use. Count to ten to ten when we worry as false eyelash, should tell yourself good things worth waiting for. Wait ten seconds to make glue stick will make the final effect. If just good glue coating worry as false eyelashes, false eyelashes will be running around, can't you want it to stay at a fixed location. Look down to look down most of us would make the nose in front of the mirror, think that the nearer the mirror see of, right? Actually this is not right! Put the looking glass in face of the following is the right choice, this is the best view to see the eyelash. Starting from the eye head stick from eye head stick to find the location of eye head first, aim the false eyelash side eye head position; Stuck in the middle of the part again, at this stage to stay for a while to let the glue work; Tidy up the part of the eye end at last. Masking gap gap often occurs in the middle of the true eyelashes and false eyelash gap is a lot of people. Don't tear off heavy stick, eye shadow can solve this problem. You only need to fill with matte black eye shadow gap can, don't leave any traces can also let the glue dry faster.
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