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【 False eyelash 】 How to stick to false eyelash natural? I'm not going to tell her of ordinary people

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Yesterday, the night astrologers, faintly see device refers to a false eyelash, and then dream put into a false eyelash eyelash on fine huh? Huh? Huh? What is more I wanted to be only eyelash. 。 But you won't understand hand hair more! Leg hair! Poor baby eyelash is scarce of pain! Roll become warped eyelash, slender fairy who saved the universe! Elder brother king sister-in-law ling, for example, magic eye again, for example, baby's innocent eyes magic eye progressed is eyelash! Some people would say, good brush mascara ah but on next eyelash eyelash haven't others long brush out what was that? Small make up through the day and night sleepless nights found the best way to save is: stick a false eyelashes! Before didn't know, small make up and you think that wearing the same false eyelash is false so left left left the fact of the matter is! As long as the stick to! You will have boyfriend natural all can't see you post! Anyway, it is beautiful! That how to put up a natural no acosmia false eyelashes? Knowing too much you also too lazy to learn here said a daily good fit ( I want to quietly turned eyelash fine) Speak false eyelash to choose natural, natural, you will pass the ball big thick! Then is eyelash length has a lot of kinds, you can according to oneself circumstance choice is better than some of its own length longer, if you want to go against a while longer still not be found? Everyone is blind in one night. Compared with the clusters of false eyelashes, crossing will be more natural. Transparent terrier is invisible, comfortable cotton stalks, look at your own choice. Crossing left left key to wear false eyelashes steps down! (1) to cut the length you want the length of the eyelashes, you don't want to post after long to poke the inner eye (2) the eyelash glue coating in the roots, because both ends can be more easily fall off with some ( Hand shake can fall on cotton swab) (3) after the glue dry, the eye look down, from the beginning, middle pressure head or two, then glue has not completely dry, you can adjust the eyelash to your satisfaction. Finally hand department at all, and then use the eyeliner hide glue mark. (4) in order to more fit with the original false eyelash eyelash, can brush a layer of mascara. Tip: stick a false eyelash, certainly must roll become warped eyelash first! ! Either true or false eyelash layered points minutes! Eyeliner is complete before post. ( If you can after the false eyelash can draw look line when I never said this sentence) False eyelash really not that difficult, after all, practice makes perfect, perhaps return ability to launch out a double-fold eyelid? Why didn't want to ask next eyelash tutorial? Because after next eyelash labeled also want to look natural only dreaming!
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