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【 False eyelash interesting 】 Teach you kind of false eyelash tips

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Want to fantastic eye impression, to kind of eyelash disappointing friends again, see come over, see the false eyelash. False eyelash, the absolute is one of the wonders of nature woman, once the master the using method, believe me, you no longer can't give it up. To persuade you to use false eyelash, begin with the disadvantages of eyelash: if you are a frame glasses user, the bridge of the nose and not enough gao ting, kinds of eyelashes and intimate contact lenses, to let you all day long blurred vision. Soft and kind of eyelash long, can't brush mascara, a gust of wind blew over, really messy, and hair as the wind and the false eyelash that has fitted there would be no such trouble. Kind of eyelash poor beautician gestures, the result is demon kyi type, type rather than barbie, to overthrow the redo is not as easy as wear false eyelashes. A careful not be pulled down a few root, can't timely reseeding, also not want to rely on clusters of false eyelash of emergency. The girls like to shower and wash your hair, kind of eyelash after will give up this convenience, and false eyelash is no such trouble. Most important, no matter how well you protect, kinds of eyelashes fell, always want to take part of your eyelash, the result is eyelash more and more sparse. Both can meet your kink shape ideal, and won't harm the false eyelash eyelash, larsson eyelid how to do? Step 1: false eyelashes, how to choose? False eyelash is divided into Europe and the United States and the Japanese, Europe and the United States is characterized by concentration, suitable for eye contour is outstanding, or you want to build the stage effect of girls use; Japanese effect more natural and suitable for the Oriental eye shape, such as princess jolin tsai's favorite 7 fork false eyelash. Quality and cheap price, your price is not the only, if you are careless, the cheap fake eyelashes, cast type are good for you; If you belong to receive, expensive eyelash is worth the investment, if you want to buy art eyelash, then must buy fake eyelashes, gorgeous and there won't be cheap. Tips: recommend the entire false eyelashes, the effect is outstanding, and clusters of best match the entire false eyelash eyelash, make eyes more distinct. Root bold black type, so that can make eyes more have sense; Transparent roots, so that even too lazy to draw look line, also won't feel abrupt. But the use of the false eyelash, and the most strongly linked to the root, and must be soft, in addition to the famous brand with quality guarantee, want 'muji' the only way is to try different products, find only really put up, can feel the effect. Step2: want to true and false eyelash realistic-looking must first put their own eyelash from the root with eyelash clip out the ideal roll degree, then, if you use a disposable false eyelash, can put a false eyelash, then brush with true eyelash on eyelash creams. If it is need to use for many times, you can first in his own eyelash mascara brush, in front of the mascara is not completely dry, with false eyelashes, the true and false eyelash glue together with your fingers. Tips: the ideal approach is to stick a false eyelash, and then put on mascara, so roll degree and color more natural. When discharge makeup, but will immerse in discharge makeup fluid, false eyelash unloading eyelash to cream on it. Even your price of false eyelash, use commonly 3 times or so, the best, in order to avoid effect is affected. Step3: how to stick a beautiful beautiful eyelash? Confirm the position of the eye head first, and then according to your own eyes to false eyelash clip into the ideal length, position must be posted on the eyelashes, appear natural. After the glue dosage shoulds not be too much, as he applied under great pressure, with a fixed false eyelash. Tips: false eyelash glue is very important, two people agree can buy bargain, false eyelash eyelash glue can't save, the one thousand wrong buy 3 without the product, contain unsafe substances, eyes swollen to like being played, is not worth the cost. Editing particularly recommended shu uemura eyelash glue, good viscosity and safe. Or consciousness, after sensitive test of medical glue. But for a beginner, high professional glue viscosity, dry quickly, is not easy to master, editing close to recommend moths perrin false eyelash glue, cheaper and more, the most important there is a small brush, easy to master. Step4: how to discharge will not pull loose eyelids? Before discharging false eyelashes, you have to use special first discharge makeup fluid, after 2 minutes, let dissolve the glue, don't pull hard, have obvious pain, so for a long time, will definitely loose eyelids. Special Tips: best buy false eyelash make-up remover, Japanese have a lot of choice, the price is also a supermarket level, also can buy on the network.
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