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False eyelash is posted on the above or below? A common mistake of false eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-19
Takeaway: false eyelash is our daily life at ordinary times very common kind of cosmetics, more false eyelash look larger, more let our eyes, is popular among people with love, the false eyelash is placed above or below? A common mistake of false eyelash. The advantages and disadvantages of false eyelash stick in the above position above the true and false hair false eyelash: weakness: it is very easy to space, but with eyeliner under white space is ok, the other is eyelash can easy and layered false eyelash. Advantages: easy to operate. Posted in the following advantages and disadvantages of false eyelash eyelash position: at the bottom of the true and false hair advantages: stick the feeling is very natural effect is clear, and true eyelash fusion is better. Disadvantages: relative to the above on the true false eyelash eyelash method is difficult to operate. Due to personal habits after always love to stick the eyelash draw look line, but the false eyelash position is posted in real lashes so there is no white space, the basic line after the word is to draw not go up. So here to remind and I have the same habit of female, must first after eyeliner stick eyelash, otherwise the eyeliner is hard to fill. ( First attempt at this location error eyeliner then draw up blare ~ ~) On false eyelash common errors in love at the same time, we should pay attention to the beauty of appearance bring harm to our health, in order to reduce the damage as a result of the beauty, we are false eyelash stick is need to improve matters needing attention, prevent the happening of the pain. First of all, we should realize the false eyelash we are the most common mistakes in use process: 1, love dearly pouch blood loss, as far as possible lengthen the service life of the false eyelash or buy very cheap fake eyelashes; 2, some people put the glue directly on the eyelids, also somebody to make eyelash more thick, the stick is two or three layers, time is long, long time by the stimulation of glue, plus the pull when unloading, prone to allergic contact dermatitis, double eye red and swollen. 3, use oily skin care products or use within 24 hours after washing a face ( Not only water! ) 。 On the other hand, want to remove the false eyelash, use discharge makeup oil or olive oil in the eyelashes can be removed easily. 4, while waiting for the glue dry to touch. Most of the glue started out to be white, but later becomes transparent, so don't worry there will be a white residue. 5, worry so a glue to immediately. We suggest that the eyelashes with glue let stand for 5 seconds, after waiting for glue stick to lash when dry. Time just glue is completely dry, firmly adhere to the eyelashes. If the glue was very wet when I was in the eyelash root, has yet to reach the reinforcement effect of the glue, tweezers, a loose false eyelash will fall down. 6, did not completely clean before using false eyelash, if you give oil eye will affect the durability of the glue. Stick before the techniques in the paste of false eyelash eyelash, need to be ready and false eyelash glue, and draw look line, so to be able to paste the eyelash. Tip 1 on the eyelids of false eyelash stick method, the false eyelash part as the two sides, the upper layer of the tu yi glue, so can make eyelash after carrying on not too become warped or collapse. 2, if without eyelash too collapsed or become warped at ordinary times, then according to the usual habit of coating glue. 3, pay attention to the white glue on the eyelid to one-off, once the glue on the skin, get up and want to don't may be invisible, not sure if you can choose the black glue, before it is dry, adjust the roll become warped degrees. 4, if after the glue dried glue will see in figure, there will be a white marks, with curved brush outside the eye liner in place of a lot. It is important to note that don't fill with liquid eyeliner pen eyeliner, liquid eyeliner have liquidity, transparency is would stalk, instead makes false eyelash more obvious. Under the eyelids of false eyelash stick tip 1, points out the pros and cons of false eyelash. Next eyelash with eyelash is different, it is just pull down, so the monthly water can only be painted on the front. 2, when on the eyelash, does not need to be in accordance with the method of the eyelash, do not need to wait until the glue dry, can be pasted directly. Light make-up can't filling besmear look line, so you need a fix. Next eyelash down automatically, wait until half when can contact after positioning, much simpler than affix eyelash.
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