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False eyelash paste technique

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
False eyelash paste technique many fashionable ladies like to use a false eyelash to beautify their eyes and the correct use of that lovely eyes, the opposite to the more ugly. Stick to false eyelash exquisite skills, can't tell is true or not! So the eyelash of the posted good-looking! On the edge of the false eyelash besmear a few glue, because both ends to peel, dosage should be a bit more, glue not to stick on the false eyelashes. Then along the own eyelash eyelash glue coated with a layer. Before applying glue to measure the length of the eye, need clip eyelash if too long. When daub binder with forceps clipping the false eyelash carefully daub, attention to fine want even. Glue dries in the strongest adhesive force, it will be about 5 seconds later, stay near the dry glue, the bending a false eyelash, make it soft. And then, eyes to the mirror, adjust the Angle of false eyelashes, press gently along the eyelash root on false eyelash. According to about 10 seconds with the hand, make the true and false eyelash fully knead. If the glue right amountly, will be very natural and true false eyelash eyelash combination. If you fall out of the corner of my eye, that means according to eyelash will not less glue is not good. At this time, you can use a toothpick, pick a little glue on the corner, hold the eyelash carefully again, after waiting for glue dry eyelash is fixed. It is important to note that in the glue dries the strongest binding force, on the skin is transparent, the effect is good. If glue when the poster, false eyelashes at http://qdhongjidingli. Com/sticky rickety will droop. And then repeated several times, glue will become pale and had to use eyeliner to alter to cover.
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