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【 False eyelash 】 Pony teach you four steps fast on false eyelash, can be as simple as that?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Guide language: for many girls, false eyelashes is a great invention, besides can let an eye feel amplification, also can make eyes more charming. Of false eyelash is false eyelashes, let us together to learn how to quickly posted good false eyelash. PONY actually eyelash help to the change of facial features is very large, every minute can magnify your eyes. But many girls born eyelash is shorter, or collapses, someone says: false eyelash can solve! However, for most of the girls' false eyelashes in fact is the same as it is difficult to operate tools, how to stick it firmly in place, not every girl knows skills. Beauty makeup is a great god PONY private according to south Korean beauty makeup talent PONY recently in her little red book share the false eyelashes methods and techniques, secretly with her teacher together! Great god PONYstep1 pony more beauty makeup: first is the false lashes out of the box, first get rid of the glue on stick on it, and then according to their own eye clip eyelash length. Pony photo courtesy of step2: then, pushed the false eyelash glue on the box, and then paint, little by little by the false eyelash root, eye head eye end position more glue, so easy to fall off. PONY autodyne step3: after the glue dry state before formal sticking eyelash. Glue in false eyelashes, eyes looking down, and then starting in the middle of the eye position first, then adjust the position of the eye head eye end. South Korea beauty makeup great god PONYstep4: the false eyelash glue, in order to make false eyelash more natural, can use eyelash fluid sweep a piece of true and false eyelash together, then the eyelash clip becomes warped, and fill the gaps in the eyelashes with eyeliner, let an eye more bright. As so simple way of PONY private, can let an eye instantly twice! Hurry to practice at home!
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