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False eyelash type according to the eye to choose how to choose

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Eye make-up except with eyeliner, eye shadow is a crucial part of that is false eyelashes, false eyelashes how to choose appropriate oneself, how to stick to more better display effect? We are faced with thick, single variety, eye end to fly the false eyelash that become warped, always imagine yourself wearing hard. In fact as long as know yourself what's eye, and then choose false eyelash. Before on false eyelash, we need to clear up the fact that false eyelash is designed to help you decorate eye model, compound eye makeup will appear, not make your makeup exaggeration, dramatic. So it's not any type false eyelashes you can just try. After all, our purpose is to let oneself change. Folds and close the eye from the right eye end with thick false eyelash eye end with thick false eyelash to transverse stretched eyes, folds the eye using this kind of false eyelash can let eye end become low, become more downy. Eye with close people is suitable for eye end increase of false eyelash, because can increase proportion of visual eye end, so as to give a person the sense of eyes open. XingHeYan type is suitable for middle and thick false eyelash XingHeYan for long, so often can appear tiny eyes, eyes worse parts of the false eyelash can potentially increase the fluctuation amplitude of the eye. Let your eyes appear larger.
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