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【 False eyelash 】 Why winter is the most suitable for the solution?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Many fairy will grafting false eyelashes in the winter, because winter grafting has several advantages, false eyelash let's take a look at! Reason 1: the weather is getting cold, get up late every day for half an hour get up is a disaster. For office workers, especially in the winter this season to stay in bed disorders, also faces the risk on the buckles money late in the morning! At that time, made a beautiful eyelash can help you save the early time, every day to sleep in half an hour is also no problem! Reason two: reduce eye problems, avoid dry eyes often use eyelash creams of girl, if it is easy to cause pigmentation with incomplete discharge makeup, as well as the eye week skin problems. Especially in the winter weather is dry, mascara dry very fast, it is easy to cause dry eyes, especially many girls like the eyelash brush very thick, also at greater risk of dry eyes. With beautiful eyelash, there is no need for the eyelashes hard brush mascara, nature also is not afraid of dry eyes! Reason 3: less begin, reduce discharge makeup trouble a cold just too lazy to begin, but made up, you must discharge makeup. Especially difficult position of the eye as the makeup, every time a clean job of removing eye makeup can be 100% basically not many girls. And beautiful eyelash can be exempted from the problems after discharge makeup big project, can easily go home at night a lot! Reason four: the annual meeting, tourism photo again at the end of that grabs an eye, company annual meeting qunfang bloom, beautiful eyelash after a pair of magic eye for your grace many, sun as circle of friends also will definitely be the focus. If at the end of the year about family and friends to travel, especially to the hot spring tourism, can be sold without makeup is very beautiful! Reason 5: without makeup party farewell 'dead fish eye' many daily habits without makeup girl eyes without the god, and the solution after the rise of eyelash can make an eye have a mind more and more natural. Especially the girl with glasses for a long time, dry eyes can appear without the god, sleep bad girls will appear edema. Beautiful eyelash after even without makeup, eyes also can release.
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