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Fan bingbing, AB without false eyelash also gaunt! How false eyelash according to the shape of the eye?

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Makeup eye makeup is the makeup look, but in addition to the most basic eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara collocation, can actually amplify the eyes carefully machine and false eyelashes! Look at the fan bingbing, angelababy and gao wear false eyelashes contrast before and after know the importance of false eyelashes! In fact for different type of girl, choose the false eyelash is learned! Today with the fan bingbing, angelababy and gao on behalf of the three actresses, popular science to you about what is false eyelash is best for you? Opens the fan bingbing's weibo you will find that as long as it is with makeup photos, must have the appearance of false eyelashes. And fan bingbing is no problem of false eyelash amateur, not letter you see left fan bingbing, my eye is longer than the eyes is very big also, double-fold eyelid wide, so she often use eye end extended thick section. Eye end extended when wearing thick paragraph appear eyes more charming, present a more sexy. If the fan bingbing is sexy and ambition of the queen, so angelababy affirmation is the lovely way. Type and fan bingbing, eye, angelababy round eyes, and wide apart, so often wear short on both sides of the 'middle' barbie false eyelash. Middle long barbie style is most suited to go of the little girl girl route. And barbie can make eyes widened up and down, creating cute round eye! Fan bingbing and angelababy false eyelashes are obvious, and will make the whole makeup look heavier. For like pure and fresh and naked makeup girl can learn gao! In the gao's photos you almost never see big thick makeup, because she is pure and fresh and practical girl. So when choosing a false eyelash, also try to choose nature. Nature won't be so thick, false eyelash stick on the eyes are relatively invisible. Actually is not only a style, the material of false eyelash also points several! The texture of the false eyelash can generally be divided into synthetic or natural hair, and root stalk generally fall into the line, cotton stalks, plastic 3 kinds. Cotton stalk: to compare the softness, not firm eyelid after laminating, also not too easy to become warped, but defect is off after infarction was easy to bending deformation, so basic it can be used only once; Line terrier: makeup look better, transparent invisible, and convenient cut bundles stick; Plastic terrier: comfort without the line and cotton terrier. But is hard, so is suitable for the girl, single-edged eyelid inside/double because eyes can be open. For different type of girl eye, want to choose different hardness of false eyelash. Double eyelid - — Cotton stalk for double eyelid girl false eyelash, make up the basic need not worry! So recommend use of cotton stalks, false eyelash root for hard and soft cock not easily, the poster is stealth, if not eyeliner is ok! Within the folds, double - — Transparent, plastic terrier folds or because double eyelid inside a thick, want to choose the false eyelash root harder to support. So recommend transparent or plastic terrier, comfort level is general, but strong support. Speak so much, the fairies have chosen the desired false eyelashes, wear false eyelashes, begin to discharge!
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