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Female stars of false eyelash and practical strategy

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
False eyelash is a component of beauty fashion women, a pair of suits own false eyelash to a large extent adds eye expression, make eyes look charming, and energetic. But for many beginners how to paste the use of false eyelash women, how to choose suits own eyelash becomes more complex, eyelash style, quality of a material in the market now is variety, how should after bought type collocation gives good result for my eyes? The domestic professional makeup school is to teach you some practical collocation technique. Eye: deep double-fold eyelid ( The roots of transparent eyelash) Actress: fan bingbing, with Europe and the United States version of the deep double-fold eyelid schoolgirl all upper hand in the cosmetics, select send false eyelash root transparent pseudo makeup very trying, absolutely make of false eyelash is high hand. In addition, to choose transparent glue, laminating the eyelashes cements against itself. Eye: crescent smile eyes ( Natural thick cross) false eyelash Actress: aimee eu love smile of a woman is always beautiful, so congratulations you have beautiful crescent eye! Cross network design is false eyelash MM partner like to laugh. Dense eyelash can increase the enchanting sense, cross can make eyes look healthy and energetic again, let you how charming smile. Eye: weeping great circle eyes ( Eye end long roll become warped eyelash) Actress: guo jie feel small round eyes too innocent, want to change your own eye? Then choose for himself a pair of eye end extended roll become warped type false eyelash, can make the round eyes natural presents streamlined. Weeping eyes now pursuing organically, short and become warped eyelash style can also try yo. Eye: phoenix eye (of type restoring ancient ways To strengthen the middle false eyelashes) Actress: l phoenix eye is full of Chinese characteristics of a type, choose to strengthen design can strengthen the eyes, in the central part of the adjusted slightly on the pick of the eye. Nature is false eyelashes are good partners to build character, even if not stop bit drooping eyes not easily also. Eye: Oriental folds ( Light type long) false eyelash Actress: the cuckoo, no doubt, is absolutely false eyelash single-edged eyelid MM super Gospel! Single-edged eyelid after eye in sticky false eyelashes, even frequent blinking completely not to reveal the existence of false eyelash root was completely the lid cover. Choose a pair of long enough roll become warped type, false eyelash more up more powerful.
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