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Five star makeup girl to share the secret of makeup

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Eye makeup is very important in the facial makeup, draw the eye makeup will make the whole people become very spirit, so might as well listen to star makeup makeup method, follow their painting big eye makeup for it. 1. Before unplugs brow, can use first with similar color nude color the want to unplug brow eyebrow pencil, so I can let you according to leave a good eyebrow eyebrow, prevent a carelessly to remove excess eyebrows. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss makeup girl Charlotte Willer such proposal 2. To large extent of spin eyelash, when mascara must begin from the root ministry of eyelash brush, and always to the above drawing. This is Madonna makeup girl Gina Brooke to advice, in order to make eyelash can have enough thick density, remember to stay in the eyelashes when daub eyelash to cream 2 seconds, add extended effect is more obvious. 3. Draw the eye makeup look is very middle position can attract the attention of others, you can bold the eyeliner, key encryption lengthen eyelashes, can also order some high light in the upper eyelids, make your eyes bigger and more wide, the line of sight of people will naturally focus here. This is makeup girl Sarah Lucero method. 4. Star makeup artist Jake Bailey, draw the eye shadow of method is: use two different color fastens with color eye shadow to paint, to use light color as the background, with brunet eye shadow superposition in eye tail again. Singer Katy Perry's eye makeup is like this. 5. Use eyelash to finalize the design liquid can keep become warped on the LIDS all day not flagging, Daniel Martin thought the shape of eyelash can play a decisive role to the size of the eyes, so to attach importance to the eyelash shape unchanged.
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