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Flashing green light blind your eyes! Japan has developed the LED false eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Flashing green light blind your eyes! Japan has developed the LED the false eyelash The web of science and technology reporter Mary 】 Japan in the way of ritsumeikan university GuanLong professor team announced on January 11, together with the shiseido developed the use of 'wireless transmission technology' glow 'false eyelash, and making the test products. The false eyelash can green light, and according to the music. The team said, is expected to use '' singer's concert. Light-emitting principle is try products, from the sending device is equivalent to about 10 watts of power of electromagnetic wave, by false eyelash root minister about 35 mm, weighing about 0. 2 grams of small power receiver power, so as to make the LED light. Existing light false eyelash visible wires etc. Try the product in order not to affect the user's health, place the transmission device in 1. 5 meters outside use. Into the transition needs safety confirmation work, such as time to market has not yet been set. The team four male students participated in the development, they personally try to wear false eyelashes, and listen to the opinions of the female students, and to improved luminous false eyelash.
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