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Flower color eyeliner to use waterproof effect how

by:Kaisi      2020-11-19
Flower color lasting liquid eyeliner is an eyeliner, but it is a liquid has broken the traditional liquid eyeliner pen is easy dry faults because apply sensitive eyelids and so the quality of a material must be moderate. The eyeliner, makeup more than 8 hours, not dizzy water discharge makeup, makeup, makeup is convenient. Liquid eyeliner pen with eyebrow pencil, water proofing property than, as they are not the same kind of nature products. Eyeliner easily within the painting, not stimulate the eye skin. 。 , as a circle line. 。 、( Recently popular grain lenses line, I don't need, I have a flower color, easy painting) Secondly; Most eyeliner said no fading, some don't rub off, makeup, super pain,. 。 。 。 。 。 Be very painful, in the eyes. 。 Flower color can easily discharge makeup, not dizzy makeup. 。 Third one liner quality absolute big-name, line is meticulous, soft texture, not dizzy makeup, but it is easy to discharge makeup! The eyeliner literally painting, no stimulation! The big shop sign for eyeliner good is defined; Painting in the eye not easy halo can discharge makeup, pure water, no stimulation, is good, don't talk to eyebrow cream waterproof than, because the line is in the sensitive parts of the eye, what is safe 'appreciates symptoms treatment is best
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