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Follow the star of eye makeup eight different eye shape method of eye makeup

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
The ultimate goal of every girl makeup is the same: to make eyes look bigger, brighter, more. But eye shape, eye makeup to be highlighted and avoid place is different. We list the eight different eye shape, tell you how to use the high light, shadow and eyeliner to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, the beautiful eye makeup. Beady eye/eyes inside like Selena Gomez such a beady eye makes eyelids look smaller. The eye doesn't need too much high light, so you can the first canthus tu light color eye shadow. Then in the middle of the eyelids with color eye shadow. Double-fold eyelid fold place with brunet attune of eye shadow, so I can let an eye look more rounded. Eyeliner can be painted slightly longer to balance the overall makeup look. Prominent eyes/goldfish eye if you are like a Nicole Richie so swollen eyes, so you don't need the next eyelid with any high light and the inner eye, below the eyebrow bone gently sweep a layer. Like a beady eye, you should use a color eye shadow heavily hit the shadow in the middle. But note that at this point is more than a picture above the eyelid fold, fold below also to draw. Importantly, draw a straight line of the corner of my eye to keep straight and heavy. Don't be afraid to draw too thick, and this can actually reduce swelling in the eyes of feeling. Folds like liu folds between eyebrows and eyes not fold. Like to beady eye makeup, eye shadow is let an eye look at a bigger role. Canthus emphasizes high light and draw up eyes to the middle area. Choice is coated on the outside of the eyes on the crease of painted a circle. The use of shadow is also to emphasize that the eye, but not too far away from the center of the eye. Draw look line, to draw very fine, beyond the eyes can be a little rough some. Round the eye if you are a Katy Perry, round eyes, eyeliner extending outward from the inner eye, in a straight line or the small end of the cat's eye, have stretched the effect of the eye shape. Then use a light below the eyebrow bone and the inner eye eye shadow do high light. Contrast to eyes, choose neuter color dabbed on the eyelid. Then fold in the eye Double eyelid) Apply a thick layer of brunet eye shadow. Put the eye shadow to the mixture to the eyes in the middle of the canthus outside, can be more emphasis on the shape of the eyelids. Almond shaped eyes there is no doubt that Beyonce has the ideal shape of the eye. Almond shaped eyes are symmetrical shape - — And that's what we want to achieve the goal of through makeup. If you are almond shaped eyes, you can copy painting skill of round eyes, type along your eyes painted. Drooping eyes, Camilla Belle such drooping eyes need increase ascension through makeup feeling, eyeliner has played a very important role at this time. Drawing high light and shadow technique and round eyes, almond eyes - — The difference is much thick eyeliner. After apply the eye shadow, eyeliner and extending outward from the inner eye. The secret is to end up like a smiley face, or the cat's eye, the effect is much more dramatic, also can let the eyes more. In deep eyes if like Keira Knightley? The same orbital very deep eyes, you can use the same method and round eyes, besmear is brunet eye shadow to the use of soft, small area so that you can emphasize eyelid part of the eye, give a person a round eye illusion, rather than let eyelid with brunet eye shadow part more shrinkage. Eye with close eyes if you want like Kristen Bell such eyes appear more wide apart, then put makeup on outer corner position. First on the eyelids below the eyebrow bone and high light, like painting circle eye - — The difference is eye shadow color choice. Use the middle tone ( Don't be too deep don't be too shallow) The eye shadow of draw ratio was the shape of the eye wider. Then, choose the eye shadow of deep drawing in the top of the eyelid fold along the outside, to increase the stereo feeling. Outward from the middle eyelids began to draw look line, more than the width of the eye itself, and keep the line for a straight line.
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