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Four small water the skin moisturizing secret recipe

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
All says woman is made of water, so want to meimei will do a good job moisturizing oh! The water they had dry skin to make people feel energetic youth like a teenage girl. Sisters came to learn the moisturizing and hydrating age reduction cough up! Believe in our way, our skin must be very powerful. Steps/methods 1 moisturizing toner after cleansing the skin pores will slightly open, this also is very good hydrating time oh. Watery bright skin water can rapidly infiltrate into skin layer, make skin hydrating effect with 'immediate'. After washing a face so MM people must not forget to take the toner for skin hydrating cough up! Second, moisture essence moisturizing every night after cleansing, toning and remember with moisture essence! 'Moisture essence' is 30 years old woman is the steps every day, long-lasting moisture for skin, lock the skin surface moisture, prevent moisture loss. No to 30 MM people don't take lightly. Three, peels cleansing program can only remove part of the daily oil and impurities, so a thorough cleaning to the skin regularly! MM people can do with grind arenaceous cream cleanser once a week cleaning, gently massage the skin surface and porous cuticle scales to remove excess grease. Do once a week to oil mask, also have the effect very much oh, hydrating and blood do not think that the skin is dry is caused by the outside world. Water shortage and anemia are the main cause of dry skin. So, add enough water is very necessary in the body. MM people drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. In addition, blood must be done well, because of anemia, let skin vasoconstriction, skin becomes pale and dry.
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